US: /səbˈtɹækt/
UK: /sʌbtɹˈækt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

subtract /səb'trækt/
  • ngoại động từ
    • (toán học) trừ

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb
[VN] ~ sth (from sth) to take a number or an amount away from another number or amount: 6 subtracted from 9 is 3 (69=3)
Antonym: ADD
subtraction -compare ADDITION noun [U, C]

Thesaurus dictionary

1 deduct, take away, take off, take (something) from:
First calculate the discount, then subtract it from the price.
2 Sometimes, subtract from. detract (from), diminish, take away (from):
Nothing could subtract from the exhilaration of that moment.

Concise English dictionary

+make a subtraction