US: /ˈoʊvɝˌkəm/
UK: /ˌə‍ʊvəkˈʌm/

English Vietnamese dictionary

overcome /,ouvə'kʌm/
  • động từ overcame; overcome
    • thắng, chiến thắng
    • vượt qua, khắc phục (khó khăn...)
    • động tính từ quá khứ
      • kiệt sức, mất tự chủ; mất tinh thần
        • overcome by hunger: đói mèm
        • overcome by (with) liquor (drink): say mèm

    Advanced English dictionary

    overcome) [VN]
    1 to succeed in dealing with or controlling a problem that has been preventing you from achieving sth: She overcame injury to win the Olympic gold medal. + The two parties managed to overcome their differences on the issue. + He finally managed to overcome his fear of flying + He overcame a strong temptation to run away.
    2 (written) to defeat sb: In the final game Sweden easily overcame France.
    3 [usually passive] to be extremely strongly affected by sth: Her parents were overcome with grief at the funeral. + Overcome by curiosity, the boy looked through the window. + The dead woman had been overcome by smoke.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 beat, defeat, conquer, overpower, subdue, worst, best, triumph over, win (out) (over), prevail (over), overthrow, overwhelm, vanquish, get the better or best of, whip, drub, rout, break, subjugate, suppress, crush, master, Colloq lick:
    If we do not overcome these temptations, they will overcome us. The superior force easily overcame the tiny group of defenders.
    2 beaten, defeated, overwhelmed, subdued, worsted, bested; affected, speechless, swept off one's feet, rendered helpless, overpowered, moved, influenced, at a loss (for words), Colloq bowled over:
    The victim's parents were overcome with grief when the casualty list was published. Colin was too overcome to speak at the award presentation.

    Collocation dictionary

    1 defeat/conquer sb/sth


    completely | successfully | not entirely
    These problems were never entirely overcome.
    | largely | partially | easily | quickly | gradually | eventually, finally
    He eventually overcame his disability.


    be able to | help (to), help sb (to)
    Therapy helped her overcome her fear.
    | be designed to
    methods designed to overcome these problems
    | attempt to, battle to, struggle to, try to | manage to


    an attempt to overcome sth 2 be/feel overcome
    become weak/ill; lose control


    completely, quite
    She felt quite overcome by their kindness.
    | almost, nearly
    She felt almost overcome by a tide of relief.
    | visibly
    The officers on duty were visibly overcome, many of them in tears.
    | suddenly


    Several firefighters had been overcome by smoke and fumes.
    | with
    He was suddenly overcome with remorse for the harm he had done.

    Concise English dictionary

    +win a victory over
    +get on top of; deal with successfully
    +overcome, as with emotions or perceptual stimuli
    +overcome, usually through no fault or weakness of the person that is overcome