US: /ˈkaɪnd/
UK: /kˈa‍ɪnd/

English Vietnamese dictionary

kind /kaind/
  • danh từ
    • loài giống
      • the rabbit kind: giống thỏ
    • loại, hạng, thứ
      • people of all kinds: người đủ mọi hạng
      • something of the kind: không phải cái loại như vậy, không có cái gì như vậy, không phải như vậy
    • cái cùng loại, cái đúng như vậy
      • to repay in kind: trả lại cái đúng như vậy
      • to relay someone's insolence in kind: lấy thái độ láo xược mà đáp lại thái độ láo xược của ai
    • cái đại khái giống như, cái gần giống; cái tàm tạm gọi là
      • to feel a kind of remorse: cảm thấy một cái gì như là hối hận
      • coffee of a kind: cái tàm tạm gọi là cà phê
    • bản tính
      • top act after one's kind: hành động theo bản tính
    • tính chất
      • to differ in degree but not in kind: khác nhau về mức độ chứ không phải về tính chất
    • hiện vật
      • to pay in kind: trả bằng hiện vật
    • kind of
      • (thông tục) phần nào, chừng mực nào
    • I kind of expected it: tôi cũng mong chờ cái đó phần nào
  • tính từ
    • tử tế, ân cần, có lòng tốt xử lý, để gia công; mềm (quặng)
    • to be so kind as to...
      • xin hãy làm ơn...

Advanced English dictionary

noun, adjective
+ noun [C, U] a group of people or things that are the same in some way; a particular variety or type: three kinds of cakes / cake + music of all / various / different kinds + Exercises of this kind are very popular. + What kind of house do you live in? + They sell all kinds of things. + The school is the first of its kind in Britain. + She isn't that kind of girl. + The regions differ in size, but not in kind. + I need to buy paper and pencils, that kind of thing. + I'll never have that kind of money (= as much money as that). + (formal) Would you like a drink of some kind?
Idioms: in kind
1 (of a payment) consisting of goods or services, not money: As well as his salary, he gets benefits in kind.
2 (formal) with the same thing: She insulted him and he responded in kind.
a kind of (informal) used to show that sth you are saying is not exact: I had a kind of feeling this might happen.
kind of (informal) (also spoken kinda) slightly; in some ways: That made me feel kind of stupid. + I like him, kind of.
nothing of the kind / sort used to emphasize that the situation is very different from what has been said: 'I was terrible!' 'You were nothing of the kind.'
of a kind
1 (disapproving) not as good as it could be: You're making progress of a kind.
2 very similar: They're two of a kind-both workaholics!
one of a kind the only one like this: My father was one of a kind-I'll never be like him.
something of the / that kind something like what has been said: 'He's resigning.' 'I'd suspected something of the kind.'
+ adjective (kinder, kindest)
1 ~ (to sb/sth)
~ (of sb) (to do sth) caring about others; gentle, friendly and generous: a very kind and helpful person + a kind heart / face + a kind action / gesture / comment + kind to animals + You've been very kind. + It was really kind of you to help me. + (figurative) Soft water is kinder to your hair. + (figurative) The weather was very kind to us. + (formal) Thank you for your kind invitation. + (formal) 'Do have another.' 'That's very kind of you (= thank you).' + We need a kinder, gentler society. + It would be kinder if we didn't mention his wife. + If an animal is badly injured, often the kindest thing to do is to destroy it painlessly.
Antonym: UNKIND
2 (formal) used to make a polite request or give an order: Would you be kind enough to close the window.
kind / sort
Use the singular (kind/sort) or plural (kinds/sorts) depending on the word you use before them: each/one/every kind of animal + all/many/other sorts of animals.
Kind/sort of is followed by a singular or uncountable noun: This kind of question often appears in the exam. + That sort of behaviour is not acceptable.
Kinds/sorts of is followed by a plural or uncountable noun: These kinds of questions often appear in the exam. + These sorts of behaviour are not acceptable.
Other variations are possible but less common: These kinds of question often appear in the exam. + These sort of things don't happen in real life. (This example is very informal and is considered incorrect by some people.)
Note also that these examples are possible, especially in spoken English: The shelf was full of the sort of books I like to read. + He faced the same kind of problems as his predecessor. + There are many different sorts of animal on the island. + What kind of camera is this? + What kind/kinds of cameras do you sell? + There were three kinds of cakes / cake on the plate.

Thesaurus dictionary

friendly, kindly, nice, congenial, affable, approachable, amiable, obliging, accommodating, amicable, well-disposed, courteous, good, good-natured, benevolent, well-meaning, well-wishing, thoughtful, well-intentioned, generous, big-hearted, humanitarian, charitable, philanthropic, gentle, understanding, sympathetic, considerate, lenient, tolerant, indulgent, compassionate, kind-hearted, gracious, warm, warm-hearted, cordial, tender-hearted, affectionate:
It was kind of you to stop and help us. I never thought of him as a kind man.
1 sort, type, variety, style, genre, species, class, breed; brand, make:
What kind of tree is the cypress? Do we always have to have the same kind of breakfast cereal?
2 nature, character, manner, description, sort, persuasion, stripe, feather, kidney:
What kind of person is she? Today's students are of a totally different kind.

Collocation dictionary


She was endlessly kind and sympathetic.


especially, extremely, most, particularly, really, very | quite | endlessly


It really was most kind of you to help.
| to
My boss has been extremely kind to me.

Concise English dictionary

+a category of things distinguished by some common characteristic or quality
+having or showing a tender and considerate and helpful nature; used especially of persons and their behavior
+agreeable, conducive to comfort
+tolerant and forgiving under provocation