US: /ˌdɛmənˈstɹeɪʃən/
UK: /dˌɛmənstɹˈe‍ɪʃən/

English Vietnamese dictionary

demonstration /,deməns'treiʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự thể hiện, sự biểu hiện
      • a demonstration of joy: sự biểu hiện nỗi vui mừng
      • a demonstration of love: sự biểu hiện tình yêu thương
    • sự chứng minh, sự thuyết minh
    • luận chứng
    • (chính trị) cuộc biểu tình, cuộc biểu tình tuần hành, cuộc biểu dương lực lượng
    • (quân sự) cuộc thao diễn

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 (also informal demo especially in BrE) [C] ~ (against sb/sth) a public meeting or march at which people show that they are protesting against or supporting sb/sth: to take part in / go on a demonstration + to hold / stage a demonstration + mass demonstrations in support of the exiled leader + anti-government demonstrations + a peaceful / violent demonstration
Compare: MARCH
2 (also informal demo) [C, U] an act of showing or explaining how sth works or is done: We were given a brief demonstration of the computer's functions. + a practical demonstration + a demonstration model (= a model used to show how sth works) + We provide demonstration of videoconferencing over the Internet.
3 [C, U] an act of giving proof or evidence for sth: a demonstration of the connection between the two sets of figures + a demonstration of how something that seems simple can turn out to be very complicated
4 [C] an act of showing a feeling or an opinion: a public demonstration of affection + a demonstration of support for the reforms

Thesaurus dictionary

1 proof, evidence, testimony, confirmation, verification, substantiation; manifestation, exhibition, display, illustration, indication:
I have seen sufficient demonstration of her ineptitude.
2 presentation, display, show, explanation, description, clarification, elucidation, exposition, Colloq demo:
The student gave an excellent demonstration of how a computer works.
3 picketing, march, parade, protest, rally, sit-in, Colloq Brit demo:
There have been numerous demonstrations against the government's policies.

Collocation dictionary

1 public protest/march


big, huge, large, large-scale, major, massive | mass, popular, public
mass demonstrations against cuts in the health service The president's decision provoked public demonstrations.
| street | spontaneous | peaceful
Thousands gathered for a peaceful demonstration.
| violent | hostile | protest
a protest demonstration against the war
| student | opposition | anti-war, pro-democracy, etc.


hold, organize, stage
Taxi drivers staged a demonstration against the new law.
| go on, join, participate in, take part in | call off
The demonstration was called off at the last minute.
| break up, disperse
Police in riot gear dispersed the demonstration.
| ban, suppress | provoke, spark (off)
The minister does not wish to provoke further demonstrations.


take place | call for sth
demonstrations calling for an end to sanctions
| greet
The visiting president was greeted by hostile demonstrations.


at a/the ~
police intervention at demonstrations
| during a/the ~
Hundreds were arrested during demonstrations in the capital.
| ~ against, ~ in protest at
demonstrations in protest at the arrests
| ~ in favour of, ~ in support of
student demonstrations in favour of a multi-party system

2 showing/explaining sth


physical, practical
physical demonstrations of affection
| cookery, product, etc.


do, give sb
I'll give a quick demonstration of some knitting techniques.
| watch

3 sth that shows clearly that sth is true


clear, convincing, dramatic, impressive, perfect, vivid
The strike was a dramatic demonstration of the power of the workforce.

Concise English dictionary

+a show or display; the act of presenting something to sight or view
+a show of military force or preparedness
+a public display of group feelings (usually of a political nature)
+proof by a process of argument or a series of proposition proving an asserted conclusion
+a visual presentation showing how something works