US: /dɪˈkɫaɪn/
UK: /dɪklˈa‍ɪn/

English Vietnamese dictionary

decline /di'klain/
  • danh từ
    • sự sụt, sự suy tàn, sự suy sụp, sự tàn tạ
      • the decline of imperialism: sự suy tàn của chủ nghĩa đế quốc
      • the decline of prices: sự sụt giá
      • the decline of old age: sự tàn tạ của tuổi già
      • the decline of the moon: lúc trăng tàn
    • (y học) bệnh gầy mòn, sự sụt sức
      • to fall into a decline: mắc bệnh gầy mòn, bị sụt sức
  • nội động từ
    • nghiêng đi, dốc nghiêng đi
    • nghiêng mình, cúi mình, cúi đầu rũ xuống
    • tàn dần (ngày); xế, xế tà (mặt trời...); suy đi, suy dần (sức khoẻ); sụt xuống (giá cả...)
    • suy sụp, suy vi, tàn tạ
    • ngoại động từ
      • nghiêng (mình), cúi (đầu)
      • từ chối, khước từ, không nhận, không chịu
        • to decline an invitation: khước từ lời mời
        • to decline battle: không chịu giao chiến
        • to decline a challenge: không nhận lời thách
        • to decline to do (doing) something: từ chối không làm gì
        • to decline with thanks: từ chối một cách khinh bỉ
      • (ngôn ngữ học) biến cách

    Advanced English dictionary

    noun, verb
    + noun [C, usually sing, U] ~ (in sth)
    ~ (of sth) a continuous decrease in the number, value, quality, etc. of sth: a rapid / sharp / gradual decline + urban / economic decline + The company reported a small decline in its profits. + An increase in cars has resulted in the decline of public transport. + The town fell into (a) decline (= started to be less busy, important, etc.) after the mine closed. + Industry in Britain has been in decline since the 1970s.
    + verb
    1 [V] to become smaller, fewer, weaker, etc: Support for the party continues to decline. + The number of tourists to the resort declined by 10% last year. + Her health was declining rapidly.
    2 (formal) to refuse politely to accept or to do sth: [V] I offered to give them a lift but they declined. + [VN] to decline an offer / invitation + She declined a second glass of wine and called for a taxi. + [V to inf] Their spokesman declined to comment on the allegations.
    3 [V, VN] (grammar) if a noun, an adjective or a pronoun declines, it has different forms according to whether it is the subject or the object a verb, whether it is in the singular or plural, etc. When you decline a noun, etc., you list these forms.
    Compare: CONJUGATE
    Idioms: sb's declining years (literary) the last years of sb's life

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 refuse, turn down, deny, reject, demur, forgo, veto, avoid, abstain from:
    She declined help with the packages. Roger was offered a professorship at the university but he declined.
    2 diminish, lessen, decrease, wane, flag, go down, fall or taper off, subside, ebb, abate, dwindle, shrink, fade, Colloq peter out, run out of steam, US run out of gas:
    Demand for hula hoops declined.
    3 slope or slant (downwards), descend, drop or fall off, dip, sink:
    The meadow declines towards the river.
    4 deteriorate, degenerate, worsen, fail:
    My health has declined over the last year.
    5 go or drop down, settle, dip, sink, set:
    The sun was declining as I went home.
    6 diminution, decrease, lessening, ebb, downturn, fall-off, reduction, abatement, slump, descent:
    There has been a steady decline in the value of the pound.
    7 degeneration, deterioration, loss, diminution, weakening, debility, weakness, worsening, decay, failing:
    We noted a decline in the physical condition of those living nearby.
    8 declivity, (downward) slope or slant, descent, downgrade, incline:
    The path led down a steep decline towards the pond.

    Collocation dictionary


    catastrophic, considerable, dramatic, drastic, massive, marked, precipitate, precipitous, rapid, serious, sharp, significant, steep, substantial | gentle, gradual, modest, slight, slow | continuing, progressive, steady
    a steady decline in manufacturing
    | general, long-term, overall | absolute, inevitable, inexorable, irreversible, terminal
    an industry in terminal decline
    | economic, industrial, moral, political, urban
    the moral decline of the nation
    | national


    fall into, go into, suffer
    The cloth trade went into gradual decline.
    | cause, lead to
    The increased gold price lead to the decline of his jewellery business.
    | arrest, halt, stop
    We must halt this decline in health services.
    | prevent | accelerate | see
    We have seen a sharp decline in educational standards over recent years.


    in ~
    The motor industry is still in decline.
    | on the ~
    This area has been on the decline for some years now.
    | ~ in
    a steep decline in sales
    | ~ of
    the decline of British farming


    the decline and fall of sth
    the decline and fall of a great civilization

    1 refuse


    politely | absolutely
    I absolutely decline to discuss my dealings with him or anyone.

    2 become smaller/weaker


    considerably, dramatically, drastically, markedly, sharply, significantly, steeply
    The economy has declined sharply in recent years.
    | a little, slightly | fast, rapidly
    The market for these products is declining fast.
    | steadily | gradually, slowly | further


    Profits declined by 6% this year.
    | from, to
    The number of full-time staff has declined from 300 to just 50.


    decline in importance/numbers/size
    This section of the market has slowly declined in importance.

    Concise English dictionary

    +change toward something smaller or lower
    +a condition inferior to an earlier condition; a gradual falling off from a better state
    +a gradual decrease; as of stored charge or current
    +a downward slope or bend
    +grow worse
    +refuse to accept
    +show unwillingness towards
    +grow smaller
    +go down
    +go down in value
    +inflect for number, gender, case, etc., "in many languages, speakers decline nouns, pronouns, and adjectives"