US: /ˈeɪdʒ/
UK: /ˈe‍ɪd‍ʒ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

age /eidʤ/
  • danh từ
    • tuổi
      • what is your age?: anh bao nhiêu tuổi?
      • to be twenty years of age: hai mươi tuổi
      • the age of discretion: tuổi khôn, tuổi biết suy xét rồi (14 tuổi)
      • over age: quá tuổi quy định
    • tuổi già, tuổi tác
      • back bent with age: lưng còng vì tuổi tác
    • thời đại, thời kỳ
      • the stone age: thời kỳ đồ đá
      • the golden age: thời kỳ hoàng kim
    • tuổi trưởng thành
      • to be (come) of age: đến tuổi trưởng thành
      • to be under age: chưa đến tuổi trưởng thành
    • (thông tục), ((thường) số nhiều) lâu lắm, hàng thế kỷ
      • I haven't seen him for ages: đã lâu lắm tôi không gặp anh ấy
    • thế hệ
    • to act (be) one's age
      • xử sự đúng lúc với bậc tuổi mình
    • age consent
      • (xem) consent
    • to beat one's well
      • già mà còn khoẻ, nom trẻ hơn tuổi
    • a dog's age
      • a coon's age
        • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) (thông tục) một thời gian dài, hàng thế kỷ
      • a green old age
        • tuổi già, tuổi già sung sướng
      • hoary age
        • tuổi già, tuổi hạc
      • the infitmities of age
        • những bệnh tật lúc tuổi già
      • to look one's age
        • (xem) look

Advanced English dictionary

noun, verb
+ noun
1 [C, U] the number of years that a person has lived or a thing has existed: He left school at the age of 18. + She needs to find more friends of her own age. + children from 510 years of age + Young people of all ages go there to meet. + When I was your age I was already married. + He started playing the piano at an early age. + All ages admitted. + Children over the age of 12 must pay full fare. + She was beginning to feel her age (= feel that she was getting old). + ways of calculating the age of the earth
2 [C, U] a particular period of a person's life: middle age + 15 is an awkward age. + He died of old age.
3 [C] a particular period of history: the nuclear age + the age of the computer
4 [U] the state of being old: Fine wine improves with age. + The jacket was showing signs of age. + the wisdom that comes with age
5 (ages) [pl.] (also an age [sing.]) (informal, especially BrE) a very long time: I waited for ages. + It'll probably take ages to find a parking space. + Carlos left ages ago. + It's been an age since we've seen them.
Idioms: be / act your age to behave in a way that is suitable for sb of your age and not as though you were much younger: Isn't it time you started acting your age?
come of age
1 when a person comes of age, they reach the age when they have an adult's legal rights and responsibilities: The money will go to the children when they come of age.
2 if sth comes of age, it reaches the stage of development at which people accept and value it: It was the year that concern for the environment really came of age.
look your age to seem as old as you really are and not younger or older: She doesn't look her age; I thought she was ten years younger.
under age not legally old enough to do a particular thing: It is illegal to sell cigarettes to children who are under age. + under-age driving / drinking / sex
more at ADVANCED, DAY, FEEL v., GRAND adj., RIPE, TENDER adj.
+ verb (aging, aged, aged)
Help Note: In BrE the present participle can also be spelled ageing.
1 [V] to become older: As he aged, his memory got worse. + The population is aging (= more people are living longer).
2 [VN] to make sb/sth look, feel or seem older: The shock has aged her enormously. + Exposure to the sun ages the skin. + These photos have been artificially aged.
3 to develop in flavour over a period of time; to allow sth to do this: [V] The cheese is left to age for at least a year. + [VN] The wine is aged in oak casks.+ adjective
- AGE: under-age drinking

Thesaurus dictionary

1 lifetime, duration, length of existence; life-span:
The age of a stag is judged chiefly by its antlers. She was sixteen years of age.
2 maturity, discretion; majority, adulthood, seniority:
When he comes of age he will inherit millions.
3 period, stage, time:
Among these people, both boys and girls undergo rites of passage at the age of puberty. He is a man of middle age.
4 long time, aeon or esp. US eon; years:
I haven't seen you for an age! The noise went on for ages.
5 era, epoch, period, time:
The 18th century was known as the Augustan Age in England.
6 grow old(er), mature, ripen:
O, Matilda, I age too fast for my years! You must first age the whisky in the barrel, then bottle it.

Collocation dictionary

1 how old sb/sth is


early, young
He was sent away to school at an early age.
| advanced, great, old
He was still active even at the advanced age of 87. White hair is a sign of great age. She dreaded old age.
| middle
a pleasant woman in early middle age
| childbearing, pensionable, retirement, school, school-leaving, voting, working
children of school age


attain, get to, live to, reach
When you get to my age you get a different perspective on life. She lived to the age of 75.
| feel, look
She was beginning to feel her age (= feel that she was getting old).
| lower, raise
The voting age was lowered from 21 to 18 years.


group, range | limit


at a/the ~
At your age, I had already started work.
| between the ~s
children between the ages of five and eleven
| by the ~
He could read by the age of four.
| for sb's ~
He's quite a big boy for his age.
| over the ~
Twelve million people in Great Britain are over retirement age.
| under ~
It is illegal to sell alcohol to children who are under age (= not legally old enough).
| under the ~
It is illegal to sell alcohol to children under the age of 18.
| with ~
A lot of wines improve with age.
| ~ of
He left school at the age of 18.


the age of consent
The general age of consent for sexual activity is 16.
| sb's own age
She needs a friend of her own age to play with.
| years of age
He's 20 years of age. > SeeOLD AGE

2 period of history


another, different
This exquisite little hotel seemed to belong to a different age.
| Elizabethan, Victorian, etc. | Bronze, Ice, Stone | computer, modern, nuclear, etc. | golden
the golden age of cinema


during the ~
He lived during the Elizabethan age.
| in a/the ~
In an age when few women became politicians, her career was unusual.
| through the ~s
an exhibition of spinning through the ages
| ~ of
the age of the wireless communication


in this day and age
(= in the period we now live in)Why dress so formally in this day and age?

3 ages/an age: a very long time


spend, take
It took an age for us all to get on the boat.


absolutely ages
I've been sitting here for absolutely ages.
| ages ago
Carlos left ages ago.
| for ages
We had to wait for ages!

Concise English dictionary

+how long something has existed
+an era of history having some distinctive feature
+a time in life (usually defined in years) at which some particular qualification or power arises
+a late time of life
+a prolonged period of time
+begin to seem older; get older
+grow old or older
+make older