US: /ˈtɹæŋkwəɫ/, /ˈtɹæŋkwɪɫ/
UK: /tɹˈænkwɪl/

English Vietnamese dictionary

tranquil /'træɳkwil/
  • tính từ
    • lặng lẽ, yên lặng, yên tĩnh; thanh bình
      • tranquil sea: biển lặng
      • tranquil life: cuộc sống thanh bình
      • tranquil soul: tâm hồn thư thái, tâm hồn thanh thản

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
(written) quiet and peaceful: a tranquil scene / place + the tranquil waters of the lake + She lead a tranquil life in the country.
tranquillity (BrE) (AmE also tranquility) noun [U]: an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity
tranquilly adverb

Thesaurus dictionary

calm, serene, placid, quiet, peaceful, still, smooth, unagitated, halcyon, relaxed; unruffled, sedate, steady, regular, even, dispassionate, self-possessed, cool, self-controlled, cool-headed, unexcited, undisturbed, untroubled, unperturbed:
He often thought back to the tranquil, sultry summer days of his youth. How can Eleanor be so tranquil when everything about her is so chaotic?

Collocation dictionary


be, lie, look, seem
The village lay tranquil in the evening sunlight.
| become | remain


extremely, very, wonderfully | perfectly, quite | fairly, rather

Concise English dictionary

+(of a body of water) free from disturbance by heavy waves
+not agitated; without losing self-possession