US: /ˈsoʊɫ/
UK: /sˈə‍ʊl/

English Vietnamese dictionary

soul /soul/
  • danh từ
    • linh hồn
    • tâm hồn, tâm trí
      • to throw oneself body and soul into something: để hết tâm trí vào việc gì
      • he cannot call his soul his own: nó bị người khác khống chế
    • linh hồn, cột trụ
      • President Ho is the [life and] soul of the Party: Hồ chủ tịch là linh hồn của Đảng
    • vĩ nhân
      • the greatest souls of antiquity: những vĩ nhân của thời xưa
    • hồn, sức sống, sức truyền cảm
      • picture lucks soul: bức tranh thiếu hồn
    • người, dân
      • without meeting a living soul: không thấy một bóng người
      • population of a thousand souls: số dân một nghìn người
      • a simple soul: người giản dị
      • the ship was lost with two hundred souls on board: con tàu đã bị đắm với hai trăm hành khách

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
spirit of person
1 [C] the spiritual part of a person, believed to exist after death: He believed his immortal soul was in peril. + The howling wind sounded like the wailing of lost souls (= the spirits of dead people who are not in heaven).
inner character
2 [C] a person's inner character, containing their true thoughts and feelings: There was a feeling of restlessness deep in her soul.
spiritual / moral / artistic qualities
3 [sing.] the spiritual and moral qualities of humans in general: the dark side of the human soul
4 [U, C] strong and good human feeling, especially that gives a work of art its quality or enables sb to recognize and enjoy that quality: It was a very polished performance, but it lacked soul.
5 [sing.] the ~ of sth a perfect example of a good quality: He is the soul of discretion.
6 [C] (becoming old-fashioned) a person of a particular type: She's lost all her money, poor soul. + You're a brave soul.
7 [C] (especially in negative sentences) a person: There wasn't a soul in sight (= nobody was in sight). + Don't tell a soul (= do not tell anyone). + (literary) a village of 300 souls (= with 300 people living there)
8 (also soul music) [U] a type of music that expresses strong emotions, made popular by African American musicians: a soul singer
Idioms: good for the soul (humorous) good for you, even if it seems unpleasant: 'Want a ride?' 'No thanks. Walking is good for the soul.'
more at BARE v., BODY, GOD, HEART, LIFE, SELL v.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 (vital) spirit or force, being, (inner or true) self, essence, psyche, heart, mind, intellect, reason, anima:
He finally surrendered, body and soul.
2 person, individual, man, woman, mortal, (human) being:
I won't tell a soul about our conversation. What a sweet old soul she is!
3 incarnation, embodiment, personification, typification, essence, quintessence:
You can count on me as the soul of discretion.
4 emotion, feeling, sentiment, sincerity, fervour, ardour, warmth, dynamism, vivacity, energy, spirit, vitality, force:
Alice puts a lot of soul into her singing, and that comes across to the audience.

Collocation dictionary

1 part of sb believed to exist after body is dead


immortal | damned | human, individual


Missionaries saw it as their task to save souls.
| sell
to sell your soul to the Devil


the souls of the dead

2 part of sb/sth that shows its true nature


The plea touched him to his very soul.
| whole | inner


In the process of being made into a film, the story seemed to have lost its soul.
| bare
He bared his soul to her.
| search
I searched my soul for any malice that could have provoked his words, but found none.




in your ~
Deep in her soul she knew she had to return to her country.


body and soul
She gave herself to him body and soul.
| heart and soul
He gave himself heart and soul to the cause.

3 deep feeling and thought


have | lack


with ~
She sang the song with passion and soul.

4 person


poor little soul
| old | good | bad | lost, poor, unfortunate | simple | dear, gentle, kind, kindly
a kind old soul
| sensitive | brave | romantic | tormented, tortured, troubled | living
There was no other living soul to be seen.


a soul in torment
The dog was howling like a soul in torment.
| not be a soul in sight
By midnight, there wasn't a soul in sight.

Concise English dictionary

+the immaterial part of a person; the actuating cause of an individual life
+a human being
+deep feeling or emotion
+the human embodiment of something
+a secular form of gospel that was a major Black musical genre in the 1960s and 1970s