US: /ˈsɫəɡɪʃ/
UK: /slˈʌɡɪʃ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

sluggish /'slʌgiʃ/
  • tính từ
    • chậm chạp; uể oải, lờ đờ, lờ phờ
      • a sluggish person: người chậm chạp; người lờ đờ
      • sluggish digestion: sự chậm tiêu hoá
      • a sluggish river: sông chảy lờ đờ

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
moving, reacting or working more slowly than normal and in a way that seems lazy: sluggish traffic + a sluggish economy + the sluggish black waters of the canal + He felt very heavy and sluggish after the meal. + The growth of the export market has helped to compensate for sluggish demand at home.
sluggishly adverb
sluggishness noun [U]

Concise English dictionary

+with little movement; very slow
+(of business) not active or brisk
+slow and apathetic