US: /ˈsɛdənˌtɛɹi/
UK: /sˈɛdəntəɹi/

English Vietnamese dictionary

sedentary /'sedntəri/
  • tính từ
    • ngồi
      • sedentary posture: tư thế ngồi
    • ở một chỗ, ít đi chỗ khác
    • (động vật học) không di trú theo mùa (chim)
    • chờ mồi (nhện)
    • danh từ
      • người hay ở nhà
      • con nhện nằm chờ mồi

    Advanced English dictionary

    + adjective
    1 (of work, activities, etc.) in which you spend a lot of time sitting down: a sedentary job / occupation + a sedentary lifestyle
    2 (of people) spending a lot of time sitting down and not moving: He became increasingly sedentary in later life.
    3 (technical) (of people or animals) that stay and live in the same place or area: Rhinos are largely sedentary animals. + a sedentary population

    Thesaurus dictionary

    seated, sitting, stationary, fixed, immobile, unmoving, housebound, desk-bound:
    You should find a more sedentary occupation to follow while you recover. As a writer, I lead a sedentary existence and get little exercise.

    Concise English dictionary

    'sedntərɪ /-rɪ
    +requiring sitting or little activity