US: /ˈseɪɫ/
UK: /sˈe‍ɪl/

English Vietnamese dictionary

sale /seil/
  • danh từ
    • sự bán
      • on (for) sale: để bán
    • hàng hoá bán, số hàng hoá bán được
      • the sales were enormous: hàng bán được nhiều
    • cuộc bán đấu gía; sự bán xon

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 [U, C] an act or the process of selling sth: the sale of cars / clothes / goods + regulations governing the sale of alcoholic beverages + I haven't made a sale all week. + She gets 10% commission on each sale.
2 (sales) [pl.] the number of items sold: Retail sales fell in November by 10%. + Export sales were up by 32% last year. + The company reported booming sales figures. + a sales drive / campaign (= a special effort to sell more)
3 (sales) [U] (also sales department [C]) the part of a company that deals with selling its products: a sales and marketing director + She works in sales / the sales department. + The Weldon Group has a 6 000 strong sales force.
4 [C] an occasion when a shop/store sells its goods at a lower price than usual: The sale starts on December 28th. + the January sales + I bought a coat in the sales. + sale prices / goods
5 [C] an occasion when goods are sold, especially an AUCTION: a contemporary art sale
Idioms: for sale available to be bought, especially from the owner: I'm sorry, it's not for sale. + They've put their house up for sale. + an increase in the number of stolen vehicles being offered for sale + a 'for sale' sign
on sale
1 available to be bought, especially in a shop/store: Tickets are on sale from the booking office. + The new model goes on sale next month.
2 (especially AmE) being offered at a reduced price: All video equipment is on sale today and tomorrow.
(on) sale or return (BrE) (of goods) supplied with the agreement that any item that is not sold can be sent back without having to be paid for

Thesaurus dictionary

1 selling, traffic, vending, marketing, trafficking, trading; trade, exchange, transaction:
The sale of alcoholic beverages on Sundays is prohibited. Provide a receipt for each sale
2 trade, purchase; trading, buying, purchasing:
We must do something to boost sales. The house is very reasonably priced for a quick sale
3 sales event, mark-down, white sale, jumble sale, Brit car-boot sale, US rummage sale, garage sale, tag sale, yard sale, Colloq sellathon, sales marathon:
We are having a sale to clear out things we no longer want or need.
4 transaction:
She hasn't made a sale in a week.
5 on sale. US marked down, cut-price, bargain-priced; reduced (in price):
Bacon is on sale this week at half price.
6 (up) for sale. on the market, available, in stock, Chiefly Brit on sale, on offer, US on the block:
Their house is for sale to the highest bidder.

Collocation dictionary

1 act of selling


The price is low to ensure a quick sale.
| major, massive
a major sale of paintings the massive sale of foreign currency reserves
| illegal
the illegal sale of alcohol
| auction, bring-and-buy, car-boot, garage, jumble, tabletop | house, share, etc.


ban, block, halt, prevent, prohibit, stop | close, make
Closing the sale means that you ask the buyer to say yes or no.
| hold
A sale of paintings will be held at the Town Hall on Saturday.


make sth, realize sth, total sth
The jumble sale made £358 for cancer research. The sale of paintings totalled £250,000.
| go ahead/through, proceed | fall through
The sale of the house fell through when the buyer pulled out.


agreement, contract | price | proceeds
to maximize the sale proceeds


for ~
I see they've put their house up for sale.
| on ~
The new stamps are now on sale at main post offices.


conditions of sale
The conditions of sale were posted up around the auction room.
| a contract of sale, on open sale
Drugs were on open sale in the club.
| the proceeds/profits from a sale
All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to charity.
| (on) sale or return
The novels are delivered to newspaper shops and other outlets on a sale or return basis.

2 sales: amount sold


good, healthy, high, huge, massive, strong | increased | poor | annual, quarterly, etc. | direct, retail, telephone
Direct sales, by mail order, were up by 15%.
| domestic | export, foreign, international, overseas | global, overall, total, world, worldwide | gross, net | unit, volume | high-street
High-street sales have fallen for the fifth consecutive month.
| arms, car, house, land, ticket, etc.


level, value, volume
The high volume of sales makes the low pricing policy profitable.


achieve, have | generate
The advertising campaign generated massive sales.
| boost


account for sth
NorthAmerican sales account for 40% ofthe worldwide market.
| amount to sth, reach sth
sales amountingto over £4 million Sales failed toreach 10,000 units.
| exceed sth | be/go up, grow, improve, increase, rise, rocket, skyrocket, soar
Sales of ice cream are up because of the hot weather.
| be/go down, decline, drop, fall, slump


force, people, personnel, staff, team | department, office | director, manager, rep/representative | campaign, drive, effort, promotion | estimates, figures, levels, performance, revenue, targets, volume | growth | slump
The car manufacturer wasforced to shed jobs following adramatic sales slump. |
conference | presentation | report | tax | contract | patter, pitch, talk
an aggressive salespitch from the company rep


a decline/drop/fall/slowdown/slump in sales, a growth/an increase/a jump/a rise/a surge/an upturn in sales, sales and marketing

More information about PER CENT


indicators ~ be down/up
With the share price down at 234p, it might be time to start buying. The CAC index was up 18.84 points.

~ reach sth, stand at sth
Consumer confidence reached a 30-year high. Second quarter sales stood at £ 18 billion.

~ be/remain unchanged
The 100 Share Index remained unchanged at 5297.

~ gain (sth)
The share gained 19 cents to close at 4.38.

~ suffer (sth)
Profit margins suffered when the company lowered prices to remain competitive.

~ climb, edge up, go up, increase ( ~ increase in value
for currencies
), jump, rise, rocket, shoot up, skyrocket, soar (
+by, from, to or no preposition
Earnings per share climbed from 3.5p to 5.1p. The pound has increased in value relative to the euro. Profits have shot up by a staggering 25%. Oil prices have skyrocketed.

~ come/go down, crash, decline, decrease ( ~ decrease in value
for currencies
), dive, drop, fall, plummet, plunge, shrink, slip, slump (
+by, from, to or no preposition
Banana exports crashed nearly 50%. The pound fell to a 14-year low against the dollar. Net income plummeted to USD 3.7 million.

3 period of reduced prices


annual, summer, winter, etc. | clothing, furniture, etc. | clearance, closing-down


at/in the ~s
I bought it at the winter sales.

Concise English dictionary

+the general activity of selling
+a particular instance of selling
+the state of being purchasable; offered or exhibited for selling
+an occasion (usually brief) for buying at specially reduced prices
+an agreement (or contract) in which property is transferred from the seller (vendor) to the buyer (vendee) for a fixed price in money (paid or agreed to be paid by the buyer)