US: /ˈɹɪsk/
UK: /ɹˈɪsk/

English Vietnamese dictionary

  • (thống kê) độ mạo hiểm, mạo hiểm

Advanced English dictionary

noun, verb
+ noun
1 [C, U] ~ (of sth)
~ (that ...)
~ (to sb/sth) the possibility of sth bad happening at some time in the future; a situation that could be dangerous or have a bad result: Smoking can increase the risk of developing heart disease. + Patients should be made aware of the risks involved with this treatment. + There is still a risk that the whole deal will fall through. + The chemicals pose little risk (= are not dangerous) to human health. + a calculated risk (= one that you think is small compared with the possible benefits) + Any business venture contains an element of risk. + We could probably trust her with the information but it's just not worth the risk.
2 [C] ~ (to sth) a person or thing that is likely to cause problems or danger at some time in the future: The group was considered to be a risk to national security. + a major health / fire risk
3 [C] a good / bad / poor ~ a person or business that a bank or an insurance company is willing/unwilling to lend money or sell insurance to because they are likely/unlikely to pay back the money etc: With five previous claims, he's now a bad insurance risk.
Idioms: at risk (from / of sth) in danger of sth unpleasant or harmful happening: As with all diseases, certain groups will be more at risk than others. + If we go to war, innocent lives will be put at risk.
at the risk of doing sth used to introduce sth that may sound stupid or may offend sb: At the risk of showing my ignorance, how exactly does the Internet work?
at risk to yourself / sb/sth with the possibility of harming yourself/sb/sth: He dived in to save the dog at considerable risk to his own life.
do sth at your own risk to do sth even though you have been warned about the possible dangers and will have to take responsibility for anything bad that happens: Persons swimming beyond this point do so at their own risk (= on a notice). + Valuables are left at their owner's risk (= on a notice).
run the risk (of doing sth)
run risks to be or put yourself in a situation in which sth bad could happen to you: We don't want to run the risk of losing their business. + Investment is all about running risks.
take a risk
take risks to do sth even though you know that sth bad could happen as a result: That's a risk I'm not prepared to take. + You have no right to take risks with other people's lives.
+ verb
1 [VN] to put sth valuable or important in a dangerous situation, in which it could be lost or damaged: He risked his life to save her. + She was risking her own and her children's health. + He risked all his money on a game of cards. + They were willing to risk everything for their liberty.
2 to do sth that may mean that you get into a situation which is unpleasant for you: [VN] There was no choice. If they stayed there, they risked death. + [V -ing] They knew they risked being arrested. [also VN -ing]
3 to do sth that you know is not really a good idea or may not succeed: [VN] He risked a glance at her furious face. + It was a difficult decision but we decided to risk it. + [V -ing] We've been advised not to risk travelling in these conditions.
Idioms: risk life and limb
risk your neck to risk being killed or injured in order to do sth: She risked life and limb to save her children from the fire.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 danger, peril, jeopardy, hazard, chance, gamble:
I would take up skydiving, but my mother won't let me because of the risk.
2 endanger, imperil, jeopardize, hazard, chance, gamble:
Would you really risk all your money on one roll of the dice?

Collocation dictionary


big, considerable, grave, great, high, major, serious, significant, substantial, terrible
high-risk patients a major risk to livestock
| good | bad, poor | low, slight, small | additional, extra, increased | reduced | genuine, real | attendant, inherent, possible, potential
Standards of hygiene have fallen with all the attendant risks of disease. There are considerable risks inherent in the policy.
| long-term | relative | foolish, unacceptable, unnecessary | calculated
I take calculated risks but never gamble.
| commercial, credit, environmental, financial, fire, health, insurance, safety, security
Those old boxes in the corridor are a fire risk. He's a good insurance risk.


degree, level | element
The operation carries an element of risk.


face, run, take
If you don't revise, you run the risk of failing. I'm not prepared to take risks?I want the equipment thoroughly checked.
| entail, incur, involve, pose
Pollutants in the river pose a real risk to the fish.
| increase | minimize, reduce | avoid | assess, measure
The directors will have to assess our credit risk.
| outweigh
The benefits outweigh the risks.


outweigh sth


Miners are a high risk group for certain types of gastric cancer.
| factor
Cigarette smoking is a risk factor for this disease.
| assessment | reduction | management


at ~
to put someone's life at risk
| at ~ from/of
Journalists in the zone are at serious risk of being kidnapped.
| at the ~ of
At the risk of sounding rude, don't you think you'd better change for the party?
| at ~ to
He saved the child at considerable risk to himself.
| ~ by
He knew he was taking a big risk by going skiing.
| ~ from
a risk from contaminated water
| ~ in
I was taking a big risk in lending her the money.
| ~ to
a risk to health


at your own risk
The building is unsafe?enter at your own risk.
| an increase/a reduction in risk, risks and benefits/rewards
the risks and benefits of a drug

Concise English dictionary

+a source of danger; a possibility of incurring loss or misfortune
+a venture undertaken without regard to possible loss or injury
+the probability of becoming infected given that exposure to an infectious agent has occurred
+the probability of being exposed to an infectious agent
+expose to a chance of loss or damage
+take a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome