US: /ˈɹeɪn/
UK: /ɹˈe‍ɪn/

English Vietnamese dictionary

rein /rein/
  • danh từ
    • dây cương
      • to give a horse the rein(s): thả lỏng cương ngựa
    • (nghĩa bóng) sự kiểm soát, sự bó buộc, sự kiềm chế
      • to keep a tight rein on: kiềm chế chặt chẽ
    • to assume the reims of government
      • nắm chính quyền
    • to drop the reins of government
      • xin từ chức thôi không nắm chính quyền nữa
    • to give rein (the rein) to
      • buông lỏng, để cho tự do phát triển
    • to give someone a free rein
      • thả lỏng ai cho hoàn toàn tự do hành động
  • ngoại động từ
    • gò cương
      • to rein in a horse: gò cương ngựa (cho đi chậm lại)
      • to rein up a horse: ghì cương ngựa (cho đứng lại)
    • (nghĩa bóng) kiềm chế, bắt vào khuôn ghép
      • to rein in someone: kiềm chế ai, bắt ai phải vào khuôn phép

Advanced English dictionary

noun, verb
+ noun
1 [C, usually pl.] a long, narrow, leather band that is fastened around a horse's neck and is held by the rider in order to control the horse: She pulled gently on the reins.
2 (reins) [pl.] (BrE) straps worn by a small child and held by an adult in order to stop the child from walking off and getting lost
3 (the reins) [pl.] the state of being in control or the leader of sth: It was time to hand over the reins of power (= to give control to sb else). + The vice-president was forced to take up the reins of office.
Idioms: give / allow sb/sth free / full rein
give / allow free / full rein to sth to give sb complete freedom of action; to allow a feeling to be expressed freely: The designer was given free rein. + The script allows full rein to her larger-than-life acting style. + When I paint I just give my imagination free rein.
more at TIGHT
Phrasal Verbs: rein sth<->in
rein sb/sth<->back
1 to start to control sb/sth more strictly
Synonym: CHECK
We need to rein back public spending. + She kept her emotions tightly reined in.
2 to stop a horse or make it go more slowly by pulling back the reins

Thesaurus dictionary

1 check, curb, control, restraint, constraint, limitation, harness, bridle, brake:
You are going to have to put a rein on your expenses.
2 reins. control, command, control, administration, running, leadership, power, rule, tiller, helm:
He should hand over the reins to a younger person.
3 rein in. check, curb, control, restrain, limit, harness, bridle, restrict, pull back on:
You will have to rein in your passions: it is not becoming to behave in this way at your age.

Collocation dictionary

1 (often reins) for controlling a horse


Can you hold the reins for a minute?
| gather (up), pick up
Sean gathered up the horse's reins.
| grab (at), pull on
She pulled sharply on the reins.
| give/hand sb, let go of | lengthen, shorten


on a ~
She had the horse on a long rein.

2 the reins: being in control/the leader of sth


It's the Treasury that effectively holds the reins.
| grasp, take up
The vice-president was forced to take up the reins of office.
| hand over


the reins of government/office/power

Concise English dictionary

+one of a pair of long straps (usually connected to the bit or the headpiece) used to control a horse
+any means of control
+control and direct with or as if by reins
+stop or slow up one's horse or oneself by or as if by pulling the reins
+stop or check by or as if by a pull at the reins
+keep in check