US: /ˈpɝpəs/
UK: /pˈɜːpəs/

English Vietnamese dictionary

purpose /'pə:pəs/
  • danh từ
    • mục đích, ý định
      • for the purpose of...: nhằm mục đích...
      • to serve a purpose: đáp ứng một mục đích
      • to what purpose?: nhằm mục đích (ý định) gì?
      • to the purpose: có lợi cho mục đích, có lợi cho ý định; đúng lúc, phải lúc
    • chủ định, chủ tâm
      • on purpose: cố tính, cố ý, có chủ tâm
    • ý nhất định, tính quả quyết
      • infirm of purpose: không quả quyết
      • of set purpose: nhất định, quả quyết
      • wanting in purpose: không có ý nhất định, thiếu sự quả quyết
    • kết quả
      • to some purpose: được phần nào kết quả
      • to little purpose: chẳng được kết quả là bao
      • to no purpose: chẳng được kết quả gì, vô ích
      • to good purpose: có kết quả tốt
  • ngoại động từ
    • có ý định
      • he purposed coming; he purposed to come: hắn ta có ý định đến

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 [C] the intention, aim or function of sth; the thing that sth is supposed to achieve: Our campaign's main purpose is to raise money. + The purpose of the book is to provide a complete guide to the university. + A meeting was called for the purpose of appointing a new treasurer. + The experiments serve no useful purpose (= are not useful). + The building is used for religious purposes. - CAUSE
2 (purposes) [pl.] what is needed in a particular situation: These gifts count as income for tax purposes. + For the purposes of this study, the three groups have been combined.
3 [C, U] meaning that is important and valuable to you: Volunteer work gives her life (a sense of) purpose.
4 [U] the ability to plan sth and work successfully to achieve it
He has enormous confidence and strength of purpose.
Idioms: on purpose not by accident; deliberately: He did it on purpose, knowing it would annoy her.
to little / no purpose (formal) with little/no useful effect or result: The government had spent a lot on education but to little or no purpose.
more at INTENT n., PRACTICAL adj.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 object, intention, intent, end, goal, ambition, objective, target, aim, principle, point, rationale, reason; scheme, plan, design, motive, motivation, view:
What purpose was served by her confession? If your purpose in inviting me was to insult me, I shall leave now. I fail to understand Laura's purpose in warning me against David
2 resolution, firmness, determination, persistence, drive, single-mindedness, deliberation, deliberateness, purposefulness, steadfastness, tenacity, doggedness, will, resolve, resoluteness, perseverance, stubbornness:
She admired the strong purpose behind his refusal to compromise with quality
3 use, practicality, avail, effect, utility, usefulness, outcome, result; advantage, profit, gain, good, benefit:
To what purpose are you planning to put this knowledge? I cannot see the purpose in pursuing this line of questioning
4 on purpose.
(a) purposely, intentionally, deliberately, wilfully, by design, consciously, knowingly, designedly, wittingly:
That was no accident: you kicked me on purpose!
(b) especially, specially, expressly, exactly, precisely, specifically, in particular:
He kicked me on purpose, Mum, just to make me cry!
5 plan, intend, design, resolve, mean, aim, have in mind or view, have a mind, propose, consider, contemplate, aspire, long, yearn:
They purpose to open an office of their own.

Collocation dictionary

1 aim/function


limited | chief, main, primary, prime, principal | true | sole | practical, useful
These bars serve no useful purpose.
| general
a general-purpose cleaning fluid
| common
a group of individuals sharing a common purpose
| particular, special, specific | dual
a toy with the dual purpose of entertaining and developing memory skills
| stated | social
the view that art should serve a social purpose


have | lack | accomplish, achieve, fulfil, serve
The scheme achieved its primary purpose, if nothing else.


for a/the ~
I put the chair there for a purpose. a measure introduced for the purpose of protecting the interests of investors
| on ~
(= intentionally)He slammed the door on purpose.


at cross purposes
(= not understanding or having the same aims, etc. as each other)I finally realized that we were talking at cross purposes.
| for/with the express purpose of sth
The school was founded with the express purpose of teaching deaf children to speak.
| for (all) practical purposes
Nominally she is the secretary, but for all practical purposes she runs the place.
| purpose-built
The cycling events will take place in a purpose-built 20,000-seater stadium.
| your purpose in life
She saw being a doctor as her purpose in life.
| put/use sth to (a/some) purpose
The old mill has been put to good purpose.
| a sense of purpose
Encouraged by her example, they all set to work with a fresh sense of purpose.
| strength of purpose
They had great confidence and strength of purpose.

2 purposes: requirements of a particular situation


administrative, business, commercial, domestic, educational, insurance, legal, medical, medicinal, political, research, tax, teaching
You will need to have the vehicle valued for insurance purposes.


for … ~
The drug can be sold for medicinal purposes only.
| for the ~s of
Let's assume he knows, for the purposes of our argument.

Concise English dictionary

purposes|purposed|purposing'pɜrpəs /'pɜː-
+an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions
+what something is used for
+the quality of being determined to do or achieve something
+propose or intend
+reach a decision