US: /pɹəˈfɛʃən/
UK: /pɹəfˈɛʃən/

English Vietnamese dictionary

profession /profession/
  • danh từ
    • nghề, nghề nghiệp
      • liberal professions: những nghề tự do
    • (the profession) những người cùng nghề, những người trong nghề; ((sân khấu), (từ lóng)) đào kép
    • sự tuyên bố, sự công bố; sự bày tỏ; lời tuyên bố, lời công bố, lời bày tỏ
    • (tôn giáo) sự tuyên bố tin theo, sự tin theo (đạo...); lời thề tin theo
      • professions of fulth: những lời tuyên bố tín ngưỡng

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 [C] a type of job that needs special training or skill, especially one that needs a high level of education: the medical / legal / teaching profession + to enter / go into / join the nursing profession + (BrE) the caring professions (= that involve looking after people) + He was an electrician by profession. + She was at the very top of her profession.
2 (the profession) [sing.+sing./pl. v.] all the people who work in a particular type of profession: The legal profession has / have always resisted change.
3 (the professions) [pl.] the traditional jobs that need a high level of education and training, such as being a doctor or a lawyer: employment in industry and the professions
4 [C] ~ of sth a statement about what you believe, feel or think about sth, that is sometimes made publicly: a profession of faith + His professions of love did not seem sincere.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 occupation, calling, work, field, vocation, employment, métier, trade, business, craft, line, sphere, speciality or US specialty, job, position, post, situation, Slang racket:
I know that she's a doctor, but what is her husband's profession?
2 confession, affirmation, statement, avowal, assertion, asseveration, declaration, acknowledgement, testimony, averment, admission, announcement:
I was uncertain whether to believe his professions of love.

Collocation dictionary


chosen | legal, medical, teaching, etc.


In the 1930s he was forbidden to practise his profession.
| enter, go into, join
She entered the legal profession after university.


by ~
He was a consultant physician by profession.
| in a/sb's/the ~
making an impact in her chosen profession


a choice of profession
She was shocked at her daughter's choice of profession.
| the top of sb's profession
He reached the top of his profession in very little time.

Concise English dictionary

+the body of people in a learned occupation
+an occupation requiring special education (especially in the liberal arts or sciences)
+an open avowal (true or false) of some belief or opinion
+affirmation of acceptance of some religion or faith