US: /ˌɪnˈdʒinjəs/
UK: /ɪnd‍ʒˈiːnɪəs/

English Vietnamese dictionary

ingenious /in'dʤi:njəs/
  • tính từ
    • khéo léo
    • tài tình, mưu trí

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
1 (of an object, a plan, an idea, etc.) very suitable for a particular purpose and resulting from clever new ideas: an ingenious device / invention / experiment + ingenious ways of saving energy + His plots are always very ingenious.
2 (of a person) having a lot of clever new ideas and good at inventing things: an ingenious cook + She's very ingenious when it comes to finding excuses.
ingeniously adverb: ingeniously designed

Thesaurus dictionary

clever, skilful, skilled, shrewd, cunning, crafty, canny, dexterous, adroit, acute, sharp, keen, resourceful, adept, apt, smart, gifted, bright, brilliant, talented, deft, handy, inventive, Daedalian, creative, imaginative, original, Colloq neat, keen, US crackerjack, Slang on the ball:
My friend here has come up with an ingenious solution to our problem.

Collocation dictionary


be, sound
The idea sounds quite ingenious


extremely, highly, most, quite, very
a most ingenious device

Concise English dictionary

+(used of persons or artifacts) marked by independence and creativity in thought or action
+skillful (or showing skill) in adapting means to ends
+showing inventiveness and skill