US: /ˈfaɪnd/
UK: /fˈa‍ɪnd/

English Vietnamese dictionary

find /faind/
  • danh từ
    • sự tìm thấy (chồn, cáo, mỏ, vàng...)
      • a sure find: nơi chắc tìm thấy vật gì; nơi chắc có cáo, có chồn...
    • vật tìm thấy
    • ngoại động từ
      • thấy, tìm thấy, tìm ra, bắt được
      • nhận, nhận được, được
        • to find favour: được chiếu cố
      • nhận thấy, xét thấy, thấy
        • how do you find yourself this morning?: sáng nay anh thấy người thế nào?
        • to find it necessary to do something: thấy cần thiết phải làm việc gì
      • thấy có (thời gian, can đảm...)
        • I can't find time to read: tôi không thấy có thời gian để đọc
        • to find courage to do something: thấy có can đảm để làm việc gì
        • nobody can find it in his heart to do that: không ai nỡ lòng nào mà làm việc đó
      • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) tới, đạt tới, trúng
        • the blow found his chin: quả đấm trúng cằm hắn
      • cung cấp
        • to find someone in clothes: cung cấp cho ai quần áo
        • to be well found in food: được cung cấp đầy đủ về thức ăn
        • all found: được cấp đầy đủ cả ăn, ở, quần áo, ngoài lương ra (người ở)
      • (pháp lý) xác minh và tuyên bố (tội, tội giết người...)
        • to find somebody guilty: xác minh và tuyên bố ai có tội
      • to find out
        • khám phá ra, tìm ra
      • phát minh ra
      • giải (một vấn đề)
      • to find out about
        • hỏi về, tìm hiểu về
      • to find one's account in
        • lợi dụng
      • to find one's feet
        • đi đứng được
      • (nghĩa bóng) tự lực được
      • to find [a] true bill
        • (xem) bill
      • to find oneself
        • thấy được sở trường năng khiếu của mình
      • tự cung cấp cho mình

    Advanced English dictionary

    verb, noun
    + verb (found, found )
    by chance
    1 to discover sb/sth unexpectedly or by chance: [VN] Look what I've found! + We've found a great new restaurant near the office. + [VN-ADJ] A whale was found washed up on the shore. + I didn't expect to come home and find him gone.
    by searching
    2 ~ sth (for sb)
    ~ (sb) sth to get back sth/sb that was lost after searching for it/them: [VN, VNN] Can you find my bag for me? + Can you find me my bag? + [VN] I wanted to talk to him but he was nowhere to be found. + [VN-ADJ] The child was eventually found safe and well.
    by studying / thinking
    3 to discover sth/sb by searching, studying or thinking carefully: [VN] scientists trying to find a cure for cancer + I managed to find a solution to the problem. + I'm having trouble finding anything new to say on this subject. + Have they found anyone to replace her yet? + [VN, VNN] Can you find a hotel for me? + Can you find me a hotel?
    by experience / testing
    4 to discover that sth is true after you have tried it, tested it or experienced it: [V (that)] I find (that) it pays to be honest. + The report found that 30% of the firms studied had failed within a year. + [VN-ADJ] We found the beds very comfortable. + [VN to inf, VN that] Her blood was found to contain poison. + It was found that her blood contained poison. + [VN to inf] They found him to be charming. [also VN-N]
    have opinion / feeling
    5 to have a particular feeling or opinion about sth: [VN-ADJ] You may find your illness hard to accept. + You may find it hard to accept your illness. + I find it amazing that they're still together. + [VN-N] She finds it a strain to meet new people.
    have / make available
    6 [VN] to have sth available so that you can use it: I keep meaning to write, but never seem to find (the) time. + Where are we going to find £4 000 for a new car?
    in unexpected situations
    7 to discover sb/sth/yourself doing sth or in a particular situation, especially when this is unexpected: [VN] She woke up and found herself in a hospital bed. + [VN-ADJ] We came home and found him asleep on the sofa. + [VN -ing] I suddenly found myself running down the street. + [V (that)] I was disappointed to find that they had left already.
    8 [VN] (of things) to arrive at sth naturally; to reach sth: Water will always find its own level. + Most of the money finds its way to the people who need it. + The criticism found its mark (= had the effect intended).
    exist / grow
    9 [VN] used to say that sth exists, grows, etc. somewhere: These flowers are found only in Africa. + You'll find this style of architecture all over the town.
    in court of law
    10 (formal) to make a particular decision in a court of law: [VN] How do you find the accused? + [VN-ADJ] The jury found him guilty of manslaughter. + [V] The court found in her favour.
    Idioms: all found (old-fashioned, BrE) with free food and accommodation in addition to your wages
    find fault (with sb/sth) to look for and discover mistakes in sb/sth; to complain about sb/sth
    find your feet to become able to act independently and with confidence: I only recently joined the firm so I'm still finding my feet.
    find it in your heart / yourself to do sth (literary) to be able or willing to do sth: Can you find it in your heart to forgive her? + He couldn't find it in himself to trust anyone again.
    find your voice / tongue to be able to speak or express your opinion
    find your way (to ...) to discover the right route (to a place): I hope you can find your way home.
    find your / its way (to / into ...) to come to a place or a situation by chance or without intending to: He eventually found his way into acting.
    take sb as you find them to accept sb as they are without expecting them to behave in a special way or have special qualities
    more at BEARING, MATCH n., NOWHERE
    Phrasal Verbs: find for / against sb [no passive] (law) to make a decision in favour of/against sb in a court of law: The jury found for the defendant.
    find out (about sth/sb)
    find out sth (about sth/sb) to get some information about sth/sb by asking, reading, etc: She'd been seeing the boy for a while, but didn't want her parents to find out. + I haven't found anything out about him yet. + [+ wh-] Can you find out what time the meeting starts? + [+ that] We found out later that we had been at the same school. - DISCOVER
    find sb out to discover that sb has done sth wrong: He had been cheating the taxman but it was years before he was found out.
    + noun
    a thing or person that has been found, especially one that is interesting, valuable or useful: an important archaeological find + Our new babysitter is a real find.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 discover, come across, happen or come on or upon, hit upon or on, chance or stumble on or upon; encounter, bump into:
    We've found a tiny bistro on the Left Bank where we like to go.
    2 Often, find out. uncover, discover, unearth, lay one's hand(s) on, turn up, come up with, reveal, bring to light, light upon or on, catch sight of, see, espy, descry, detect, learn, spot, locate, track down; find out, identify, become aware of, determine, ascertain, put one's finger on, point to, Colloq tumble to, Brit twig; Slang finger, rumble, Brit suss out:
    The police are trying to find the murderer. Can you find who did it?
    3 discover, perceive, see, understand, notice, mark, remark, note, distinguish, discern; realize:
    I find nothing odd about her attire.
    4 consider, think, regard, view, feel or discover to be:
    I have always found Lady Sharpless exceedingly dull. He finds it impossible to refuse her demands.
    5 get, obtain, procure, secure, acquire, win, gain; experience:
    We despair of finding customers for our services in these hard times. He found relief only in painkillers.
    6 recover, locate, get back; repossess, recoup:
    I hope you find the earring you lost.
    7 summon (up), call up, command, gather (up), muster (up), rouse, arouse, awaken:
    I tried to find the courage to ask her to marry me.
    8 set aside, allot, assign, manage, get:
    Have you found the time to read Connie's new book?
    9 judge, decide or determine to be, pronounce, declare:
    A jury found her guilty. The judge found in favour of the plaintiff.
    10 discovery, catch, bargain, deal; boon, windfall:
    The gold doubloon was the find of a lifetime.

    Collocation dictionary


    exciting, good, great, important, interesting, real, remarkable, significant, spectacular, startling
    The letters were a real find and James went on to publish two volumes of them.
    | small | lucky
    A lucky find in the Cotswolds is helping archaeologists discover what life was like in Roman Britain.
    | unexpected | stray
    Stray finds are more commonly discovered than whole new sites.
    | archaeological | medieval, prehistoric


    discover, make, unearth
    prehistoric finds made in an unexplored cave
    | yield
    To date the site has yielded many interesting finds.
    | report
    I reported my find to the landowner.

    Concise English dictionary

    +a productive insight
    +the act of discovering something
    +come upon, as if by accident; meet with
    +discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact of
    +come upon after searching; find the location of something that was missed or lost
    +establish after a calculation, investigation, experiment, survey, or study
    +come to believe on the basis of emotion, intuitions, or indefinite grounds
    +perceive or be contemporaneous with
    +get something or somebody for a specific purpose
    +make a discovery, make a new finding
    +make a discovery
    +obtain through effort or management
    +decide on and make a declaration about
    +receive a specified treatment (abstract)
    +perceive oneself to be in a certain condition or place
    +get or find back; recover the use of
    +succeed in reaching; arrive at
    +accept and make use of one's personality, abilities, and situation