US: /fəˈmɪɫjɝ/
UK: /fəmˈɪli‍ə/

English Vietnamese dictionary

familiar /fə'miljə/
  • tính từ
    • thuộc gia đình
    • thân thuộc, thân; quen thuộc, quen (với một vấn đề)
    • thông thường
    • không khách khí; sỗ sàng, suồng sã, lả lơi
    • (+ with) là tình nhân của, ăn mằm với
    • danh từ
      • bạn thân, người thân cận, người quen thuộc
      • người hầu (trong nhà giáo hoàng)

    Advanced English dictionary

    + adjective
    1 ~ (to sb) well known to you; often seen or heard and therefore easy to recognize: to look / sound / taste familiar + He's a familiar figure in the neighbourhood. + The smell is very familiar to everyone who lives near a bakery. + Something about her voice was vaguely familiar. + Violent attacks are becoming all too familiar (= sadly familiar). + I couldn't see any familiar faces in the room.
    Antonym: UNFAMILIAR
    2 ~ with sth knowing sth very well: an area with which I had been familiar since childhood + By now you will be familiar with the one-way system in the centre of town. + Are you familiar with the computer software they use?
    Antonym: UNFAMILIAR
    3 ~ (with sb) (of a person's behaviour) very informal, sometimes in a way that is unpleasant: You seem to be on very familiar terms with your tutor. + After a few drinks her boss started getting too familiar for her liking.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 well-known, common, commonplace, everyday, ordinary, current:
    That's a familiar melody.
    2 frequent, usual, customary, habitual, routine, traditional:
    He strolled along his familiar route through the trees.
    3 friendly, affable, close, intimate, sociable, social, free, free and easy, relaxed; over-friendly, overfree, overfamiliar, bold, forward, insolent, impudent, presumptuous, presuming, disrespectful, unreserved, unrestrained; informal, casual, cordial, unceremonious; Colloq chummy, Slang US and Canadian buddy-buddy, palsy-walsy:
    She began to get entirely too familiar.
    4 familiar with. aware or conscious or cognizant of, knowledgeable about or of or in, conversant or acquainted with, no stranger to, on speaking terms with, up on or in, (well-)versed in, informed of or about, privy to, in the know about, au courant, au fait:
    Are you familiar with the latest theories in particle physics?

    Collocation dictionary

    1 well-known


    be, feel, look, seem, smell, sound
    The place felt faintly familiar to me.
    | become | make sth


    distinctly, very
    The room looked distinctly familiar.
    | entirely | increasingly | faintly, fairly, quite, rather, reasonably, slightly, vaguely | enough
    The report's conclusions were already familiar enough to the government.
    | already | immediately, instantly
    His face was instantly familiar, even after all those years.
    | somehow
    a name that was somehow familiar
    | curiously, disconcertingly, oddly, strangely
    Her face looked strangely familiar.
    | blessedly, comfortingly
    The kitchen smelled warm and inviting and blessedly familiar.
    | all too, depressingly, horribly, painfully, sickeningly
    a situation which has become all too familiar to most teachers


    The name sounded vaguely familiar to her.

    2 familiar with sth: having a good knowledge of sth


    be, seem | become, get, grow
    I was now getting much more familiar with the local area.


    extremely, intimately, very | completely, fully, perfectly, thoroughly
    You will need to be thoroughly familiar with our procedures.
    | increasingly | fairly, pretty, quite, reasonably | already

    Concise English dictionary

    +a person attached to the household of a high official (as a pope or bishop) who renders service in return for support
    +a person who is frequently in the company of another
    +a spirit (usually in animal form) that acts as an assistant to a witch or wizard
    +well known or easily recognized
    +within normal everyday experience; common and ordinary; not strange
    +(usually followed by `with') well informed about or knowing thoroughly
    +having mutual interests or affections; of established friendship