US: /ˈkaʊntɝ/
UK: /kˈa‍ʊntɐ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

counter /'kauntə/
  • danh từ
    • quầy hàng, quầy thu tiền
      • to serve behind the counter: phục vụ ở quầy hàng, bán hàng
    • ghi sê (ngân hàng)
    • bàn tính, máy tính
    • người đếm
    • thẻ (để đánh bạc thay tiền)
    • ức ngực
    • (hàng hải) thành đuôi tàu
    • miếng đệm lót giày
    • tính từ
      • đối lập, chống lại, trái lại, ngược lại
      • sao để đối chiếu (bản văn kiện)
      • phó từ
        • đối lập, chống lại, trái lại, ngược lại
          • to act counter to someone's wishes: hành động chống lại y muốn của một người nào
        • to go counter
          • đi ngược lại, làm trái lại
      • động từ
        • phản đối, chống lại, làm trái ngược lại, nói ngược lại
        • chặn lại và đánh trả, phản công (đấu kiếm, quyền Anh)

      Advanced English dictionary

      noun, verb, adverb
      + noun
      1 a long flat surface over which goods are sold or business is done in a shop/store, bank, etc: I asked the woman behind the counter if they had any postcards of the church.
      2 (especially AmE) = WORKTOP
      3 a small disc used for playing or scoring in some board games
      4 (especially in compounds) an electronic device for counting sth: The needle on the rev counter soared. + You need to reset the counter.
      See also - GEIGER COUNTER
      5 [usually sing.] ~ (to sb/sth) (formal) a response to sb/sth that opposes their ideas, position, etc: The employers' association was seen as a counter to union power.
      Idioms: over the counter goods, especially medicines, for sale over the counter can be bought without a PRESCRIPTION (= written permission from a doctor to buy a medicine) or special LICENCE (= written permission): These tablets are available over the counter.
      See also - OVER-THE-COUNTER
      under the counter goods that are bought or sold under the counter are sold secretly and sometimes illegally: Pornography may be legally banned but it is still available under the counter.
      + verb
      1 ~ (sb/sth) (with sth) to reply to sb by trying to prove that what they said is not true: [VN] Such arguments are not easily countered. + [V that] I tried to argue but he countered that the plans were not yet finished. [also V speech, V]
      2 [VN] to do sth to reduce or prevent the bad effects of sth: Businesses would like to see new laws to counter late payments of debts.
      + adverb
      ~ to sth in the opposite direction to sth; in opposition to sth: The government's plans run counter to agreed European policy on this issue.

      Thesaurus dictionary

      1 token, disc, chip, piece, marker:
      She placed three counters on the number 14.
      2 table, bar:
      We do not serve beer at this counter.

      Collocation dictionary

      1 long flat surface


      bar, delicatessen/deli, display, post office, reception, shop | kitchen | glass, mahogany, wooden, zinc


      serve at/behind, work at/behind
      Mary served behind the counter at Bacon's for a few hours a week.
      | wipe (down)
      The barman wiped down the counter in silence.


      post office counter staff


      across a/the~
      He pushed the money across the counter to her.
      | at/behind a/the ~
      The assistant behind the counter gave a curt nod.
      | on a/the ~
      all the goods on the counter

      2 action used to prevent sth




      ~ to
      The government's programme should be an effective counter to unemployment.

      Concise English dictionary

      +table consisting of a horizontal surface over which business is transacted
      +game equipment used in various card or board games
      +a calculator that keeps a record of the number of times something happens
      +a piece of furniture that stands at the side of a dining room; has shelves and drawers
      +a person who counts things
      +a quick reply to a question or remark (especially a witty or critical one)
      +(computer science) a register whose contents go through a regular series of states (usually states indicating consecutive integers)
      +a piece of leather forming the back of a shoe or boot
      +a return punch (especially by a boxer)
      +speak in response
      +act in advance of; deal with ahead of time
      +indicating opposition or resistance
      +in the opposite direction