US: /biˈɫoʊ/, /bɪˈɫoʊ/
UK: /bɪlˈə‍ʊ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

below /bi'lou/
  • phó từ
    • ở dưới, ở bên dưới, ở dưới thấp, ở phía dưới
      • as it will be said below: như sẽ nói ở dưới đây
      • the court below: toà án dưới
  • giới từ
    • dưới, ở dưới, thấp hơn
      • ten degrees below 0: mười độ dưới 0
      • the average: dưới trung bình
      • the horizon: dưới chân trời
    • không xứng đáng; không đáng phải quan tâm
      • to be below someone's hope: không xứng đáng với sự mong đợi của ai
    • below the mark
      • (xem) mark
    • belong par
      • (xem) par

Advanced English dictionary

preposition, adverb
+ preposition
1 at or to a lower level or position than sb/sth: He dived below the surface of the water. + Please do not write below this line. + Skirts will be worn below (= long enough to cover) the knee.
2 of a lower amount or standard than sb/sth: The temperatures remained below freezing all day. + Her work was well below average for the class.
3 of a lower rank or of less importance than sb/sth: A police sergeant is below an inspector. + They're two places below Chelsea in the table. - UNDER
+ adverb
1 at or to a lower level, position or place: They live on the floor below. + I could still see the airport buildings far below. + See below (= at the bottom of the page) for references. + The passengers who felt seasick stayed below (= on a lower deck).
2 (of a temperature) lower than zero: The thermometer had dropped to a record 40 below (= -40 degrees).
3 at a lower rank: This ruling applies to the ranks of Inspector and below.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 lower down, further down, farther down:
Please see the explanation given below. The department head could no longer resist the pressures from below.
2 beneath, underneath, under; downstairs, Nautical below-decks, Brit below-stairs:
Can you hear someone walking about below? They put the captain in irons below.
3 on earth, here, in this world, under the sun:
Man wants but little here below.
4 under, underneath, beneath:
Below the sea live creatures we have never even seen. Barely discernible below his nose was a tiny moustache. Sign your name below 'Yours truly'.
5 less or lower or cheaper than:
The sale price is below cost.
6 deeper or further or farther down than:
The current is strongest about six feet below the surface.
7 under, beneath, underneath:
Her bright eyes peered at him from below the wide hat.
8 lower or less than, under:
The temperature was 20 degrees below zero.
9 inferior or subordinate to, lower than:
He gives orders to the servants below him.
10 inferior or secondary to, under, beneath, lower than:
In exports, the USA and UK are below Japan.
11 beneath, unworthy of, unbefitting, not worth:
Mugging old ladies is below contempt.

Concise English dictionary

+in or to a place that is lower
+at a later place
+(in writing) see below
+on a floor below
+further down