US: /ˌhwəˈtɛvɝ/, /ˌwəˈtɛvɝ/
UK: /wɒtˈɛvɐ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

whatever /w t'ev /
  • tính từ
    • nào
      • there did not remain any doubt whatever in my mind: trong đầu óc tôi không còn mối nghi ngờ nào nữa
      • take whatever measures you consider best: anh cứ dùng những biện pháp nào mà anh cho là tốt nhất
    • dù thế nào, dù gì
      • whatever difficulties you may encounter: dù anh có gặp những khó khăn gì chăng nữa
  • danh từ
    • bất cứ cái gì mà; tất c cái gì mà
      • whatever you like: tất c cái gì (mà) anh thích
    • dù thế nào, dù gì
      • keep calm, whatever happens: dù có gì xy ra, h y cứ bình tĩnh

Advanced English dictionary

determiner, pronoun, adverb
determiner, pronoun
1 any or every; anything or everything: Take whatever action is needed. + Do whatever you like.
2 used when you are saying that it does not matter what sb does or what happens, because the result will be the same: Whatever decision he made I would support it. + You have our support, whatever you decide.
3 (especially BrE) used in questions to express surprise or confusion: Whatever do you mean? + Chocolate-flavoured carrots! Whatever next?
4 (spoken, ironic) used as a reply to tell sb that you do not care what happens or that you are not interested in what they are talking about: 'You should try a herbal remedy.' 'Yeah, whatever.'
5 (spoken, especially AmE) used to say that you do not mind what you do, have, etc. and that anything is acceptable: 'What would you like to do today?' 'Whatever.'
Idioms: or whatever (spoken) or something of a similar type: It's the same in any situation:
in a prison, hospital or whatever.

whatever you do used to warn sb not to do sth under any circumstances: Don't tell Paul, whatever you do!
+ adverb
1 (also whatsoever) no, nothing, none, etc. ~ not at all; not of any kind: They received no help whatever. + 'Is there any doubt about it?' 'None whatsoever.'
2 (informal) used to say that it does not matter what sb does, or what happens, because the result will be the same: We told him we'd back him whatever.

Concise English dictionary

+one or some or every or all without specification