US: /ˈtaɪp/
UK: /tˈa‍ɪp/

English Vietnamese dictionary

type /taip/
  • danh từ
    • kiểu mẫu
      • a fine type of patriotism: kiểu mẫu đẹp đẽ của tinh thần yêu nước
    • kiểu
      • Nordic type: kiểu người Bắc Âu
    • chữ in
      • printed in large type: in chữ lớn
      • to be in type: sẵn sàng đưa in
      • to set type: sắp chữ
    • (sinh vật học) đại diện điển hình (của một nhóm phân loại)
      • type genus: giống điển hình của họ
  • động từ
    • đánh máy
      • to type a letter: đánh máy một bức thư
      • to type well: đánh máy giỏi

Advanced English dictionary

noun, verb
+ noun
1 [C] ~ (of sth) a class or group of people or things that share particular qualities or features and are part of a larger group; a kind or sort: different racial types + a rare blood type + There are three main types of contract(s). + Bungalows are a type of house. + She mixes with all types of people. + She mixes with people of all types. + I love this type of book. + I love these types of books. + (informal) I love these type of books. + What do you charge for this type of work? + What do you charge for work of this type? + It is the first car of its type to have this design feature.
2 [sing.] (informal) a person of a particular character, with particular features, etc: She's the artistic type. + He's not the type to be unfaithful. + She's not my type (= not the kind of person I am usually attracted to).
3 (-type) (in adjectives) having the qualities or features of the group, person or thing mentioned: a police-type badge + a continental-type cafe
4 [U] letters that are printed or typed: The type was too small for me to read. + The important words are in bold type.
5 [U] (technical) the small metal blocks used for printing letters and numbers
+ verb
1 to write sth using a WORD PROCESSOR or TYPEWRITER: [V] How fast can you type? + typing errors / courses + [VN] This letter will need to be typed (out) again. + Type (in) the file name, then press 'Return'. + Has that report been typed up yet?
2 [VN] (technical) to find out the group or class that a person or thing belongs to: Blood samples were taken from patients for typing.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 class, category, classification, kind, sort, genre, order, variety, breed, species, strain, group, genus, ilk, kidney:
Just what type of person would you say the president is?
2 typeface, Brit fount, US font:
The body text ought to be set in Bodoni Book type, the headings in Times bold.
3 prototype, paradigm, archetype, epitome, exemplar, model, specimen, pattern, personification, standard, quintessence:
She doesn't consider him to be the usual type of businessman.
4 typewrite; keyboard; transcribe:
She types at a speed of about sixty words a minute.

Collocation dictionary

1 kind/sort


distinct, well-defined | broad
Two broad types of approach can be identified.
| basic, common, conventional, standard, traditional | alternative | main, major, principal | diverse | extreme | personality, physical | hair, skin | blood, cell, tissue | product | habitat, rock, soil, vegetation


identify | revert to
The boss came back from holiday all relaxed and smiling, but now he's reverting to type.


in ~
The recession is similar in type to that of ten years ago.
| of a ~
a country inn of a type that has all but vanished
| ~ of
There are various types of daffodil(s).


of its type
This exercise is the hardest of its type.
| a range/variety of types

2 person


artistic, careful, City
(= a person who works in finance in the City of London),
creative, entrepreneurial, literary, old-fashioned
The bar was crowded with City types in suits. He was the old-fashioned type, well-mannered and always in a suit and tie.


true to type
True to type, Adam turned up an hour late.
| (not) your type
She's not really my type?she's a bit too serious.

3 printed letters


bold, heavy | italic | roman


print sth in, set sth in
Key paragraphs of the report are set in italic type.


in … ~
The important words are in bold type.

Concise English dictionary

+a subdivision of a particular kind of thing
+a person of a specified kind (usually with many eccentricities)
+(biology) the taxonomic group whose characteristics are used to define the next higher taxon
+printed characters
+a small metal block bearing a raised character on one end; produces a printed character when inked and pressed on paper
+all of the tokens of the same symbol
+write by means of a keyboard with types
+identify as belonging to a certain type