US: /ˈtɔɹdz/, /təˈwɔɹdz/
UK: /tʊwˈɔːdz/

English Vietnamese dictionary

towards /tə'wɔ:d/
  • tính từ
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) dễ bảo, dễ dạy, ngoan
    • giới từ+ (towards)/tə'wɔ:dz/
      • về phía, hướng về
        • he was running toward us: nó chạy về phía chúng tôi
      • vào khoảng
        • toward the end of the week: vào khoảng cuối tuần
      • đối với
        • his attitude toward me: thái độ của hắn đối với tôi
      • để, cho, vì
        • to save money toward one's old age: dành dụm tiền cho tuổi già

    Advanced English dictionary

    especially in AmE) preposition
    1 in the direction of sb/sth: They were heading towards the German border. + She had her back towards me.
    2 getting closer to achieving sth: This is a first step towards political union.
    3 close or closer to a point in time: towards the end of April
    4 in relation to sb/sth: He was warm and tender towards her. + our attitude towards death
    5 with the aim of obtaining sth, or helping sb to obtain sth: The money will go towards a new school building (= will help pay for it).

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 toward, in the direction of, to; for, so as to approach or near, on the way or road to:
    She turned towards me. I'd appreciate a lift if you're going towards Aston Clinton.
    2 toward, to, for, as a help to, supporting, promoting, assisting:
    We welcome any contribution towards the charitable works of our order.
    3 toward, near, nearing, close to, approaching, shortly before:
    Towards the close of day, the cattle wander back to the barns.
    1 bell-tower, campanile, minaret, pagoda, obelisk; belfry, spire, turret, steeple, flèche:
    There was a time when the church tower was the tallest building in the town.
    2 fortress, citadel, stronghold, castle, fastness; keep, dungeon, prison:
    The princess was imprisoned in the tower for a year and a day.
    3 Often, tower over or above. loom, soar, rise, ascend, rear:
    These ugly high-rise buildings tower over everything, blocking out the sun.

    Concise English dictionary

    +in the direction of; near, close to; for, intended for a specific purpose or person; with respect to, regarding