US: /ˈθɔt/
UK: /θˈɔːt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

thought /ðou/
  • thời quá khứ & động tính từ quá khứ của think
  • danh từ
    • sự suy nghĩ, sự ngẫm nghĩ, sự nghĩ ngợi, sự trầm tư
      • to be lost (wrapped, absorbed) in thought: suy nghĩ miên man tư lự
    • ý nghĩ, tư tưởng
      • to read someone's thoughts: đoán được ý nghĩ của ai
      • a thought struck me: tôi chợt có ý nghĩ, một ý nghĩ thoáng trong óc tôi
      • a noble thought: tư tưởng cao đẹp
    • ý, ý, kiến, ý định, ý muốn
      • to speak one's thought: nói rõ ý kiến của mình ra
    • sự lo lắng, sự bận tâm, sự quan tâm
      • the doctor is full of thought for the patient: người bác sĩ hết lòng lo lắng quan tâm đến người bệnh
    • một tí, một chút
      • the colour is a thought too dark: màu hơi sẫm một tí
    • [as] quick as thought
      • nhanh như chớp
    • at the thought of
      • khi nghĩ đến
    • on second thoughts
      • sau khi suy đi tính lại
    • second thoughts are best: có suy nghĩ kỹ có hơn
    • want of thought
      • sự thiếu suy nghĩ

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
sth you think
1 [C] ~ (of sth / of doing sth)
~ (that ...) something that you think of or remember: I don't like the thought of you walking home alone. + She was struck by the sudden thought that he might already have left. + The very thought of it makes me feel sick. + I've just had a thought (= an idea). + Would Mark be able to help? It's just a thought. + 'Why don't you try the other key?' 'That's a thought!' + All kinds of thoughts raced through my mind. + I'd like to hear your thoughts on the subject.
mind / ideas
2 (thoughts) [pl.] a person's mind and all the ideas that they have in it when they are thinking: My thoughts turned to home. + You are always in my thoughts.
process / act of thinking
3 [U] the power or process of thinking: A good teacher encourages independence of thought. + She was lost in thought (= concentrating so much on her thoughts that she was not aware of her surroundings).
4 [U] the act of thinking seriously and carefully about sth: I've given the matter careful thought. + Not enough thought has gone into this essay.
care / worry
5 [C] ~ (for sb/sth) a feeling of care or worry: Spare a thought for those without enough to eat this winter. + Don't give it another thought (= to tell sb not to worry after they have said they are sorry). + It's the thought that counts (= used to say that sb has been very kind even if they have only done sth small or unimportant).
6 [U, C] ~ (of sth / of doing sth) an intention or a hope of doing sth: She had given up all thought of changing her job. + He acted with no thoughts of personal gain.
in politics / science, etc.
7 [U] ideas in politics, science, etc. connected with a particular person, group or period of history: feminist / twentieth century thought
See also - THINK v.
Idioms: have second thoughts to change your opinion after thinking about sth again: You're not having second thoughts about it, are you?
on second thoughts (BrE) (AmE on second thought) used to say that you have changed your opinion: I'll wait here. No, on second thoughts, I'll come with you.
without a second thought immediately; without stopping to think about sth further: He dived in after her without a second thought.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 thinking, reflection, reflecting, meditation, meditating, contemplation, contemplating, cogitation, cogitating, musing, pondering, rumination, ruminating, brooding, mental activity, mentation, brown study; brainwork, cerebration, deliberation, deliberating, consideration, considering:
She was deep in thought. The solution may require considerable thought.
2 idea, notion, brainstorm, observation:
I have a thought that I'd like to share with you.
3 consideration, contemplation, planning, plan, scheme, design, intention, expectation, hope, prospect, anticipation, dream, vision:
Any thought of taking a few days off had to be abandoned.
4 thoughtfulness, consideration, kindliness, kind-heartedness, concern, compassion, tenderness, kindness, sympathy, attentiveness, regard, solicitude:
I don't need any help, but I appreciate the thought.
5 Often, thoughts. recollection(s), memory or memories, remembrance(s), reminiscence(s):
Now and then he comforted himself with thoughts of his happy childhood.
6 intellect, intelligence, reasoning, rationality, ratiocination, reason:
Some believe that only humans are capable of thought.
7 bit, trifle, touch, small amount, trace, soupçon, little, tinge:
This champagne is a thought too sweet.

Collocation dictionary

1 sth that you think


comforting, good, happy, pleasant, positive
It was a comforting thought that at least her father hadn't suffered. Before going on stage, I breathe deeply and think positive thoughts.
| anxious, appalling, awful, bad, black, dark, depressing, disquieting, disturbing, gloomy, negative, sad, sobering, terrible
A disturbing thought suddenly struck me.
| interesting, intriguing | first, immediate, initial
My immediate thought was that he must be joking.
| sudden | little | fleeting, passing | conscious | unspoken | waking
She occupied all his waking thoughts.


have, think
I've just had a thought (= an idea). He remained aloof, thinking his own thoughts.
| have
Let me have your thoughts on the report.
| express, write down | read
She often seems to know what I'm thinking, as though she can read my thoughts.
| dread, not be able to bear, not like, not relish
She said she couldn't bear the thought of living alone in the house. I don't like the thought of you walking home alone.


come/pop into your mind, come to sb, cross your mind, go/flash/pass/race through your mind, hit sb, occur to sb, strike sb
The thought crossed my mind that Jim might know the answer. All kinds of thoughts raced through my mind.
| ~s turn to sth
My thoughts turned to home.


~ about
He lay there thinking gloomy thoughts about life and death.
| ~ of
The children were overjoyed at the thought of going to the seaside on holiday.
| ~ on
They asked him what his thoughts were on the government's announcement.


just a thought
Would Mark be able to help? It's just a thought.
| keep your thoughts to yourself
He's not the kind of man to keep his thoughts to himself.
| the mere/very thought of sth
The mere thought of lice makes my head itch.
| push/put the thought aside/away, push the thought from/out of your mind

2 process/act of thinking


careful, proper | deep, profound
She is known for her deep thought and intellectual ways.
| coherent
He was so upset, he was incapable of coherent thought.
| logical, rational | analytical, critical | abstract | creative | free, independent | conscious
My job is so repetitive, it does not require much conscious thought.
| fresh
We have to give the matter fresh thought.
| second
I accepted the offer without a second thought.


give sb/sth, spare (sb)
I've given the matter careful thought. Don't give it another thought (= to tell sb not to worry after they have said they are sorry). Spare a thought for us?we'll be working through the night to finish the report.
| direct, turn
I tried to turn my thoughts to pleasanter things.
| provoke
The article was intended to provoke thought.
| be deep in, be lost in
She was deep in thought and didn't hear me call her.


go into sth
Not enough thought has gone into this essay.


pattern, process
I couldn't see what thought processes led him to that conclusion.


without ~
They had acted rashly, without thought.


after a moment's thought
After a moment's thought, I accepted his offer.
| freedom of thought
The constitution guarantees freedom of thought and belief.
| a line/mode/train of thought
That line of thought can only lead to one conclusion. He hesitated, as though he had lost his train of thought.
| thought-provoking
There was a thought-provoking article about poverty in the paper.
| with no thought for sth
He ran into the burning house with no thought for his own life.

3 ideas


modern | 19th-century, etc. | Eastern, Western | intellectual, philosophical, scientific | economic, political | feminist, liberal, socialist, etc.


a school of thought
They belong to different schools of thought.
| a strand of thought
three different strands of scientific thought

4 kindness


kind, kindly, nice
Thank you for the flowers?it was a very kind thought.

Concise English dictionary

+the content of cognition; the main thing you are thinking about
+the process of using your mind to consider something carefully
+the organized beliefs of a period or group or individual
+a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty

+an instance of deliberate thinking
+judge or regard; look upon; judge
+expect, believe, or suppose
+use or exercise the mind or one's power of reason in order to make inferences, decisions, or arrive at a solution or judgments
+recall knowledge from memory; have a recollection
+imagine or visualize
+focus one's attention on a certain state
+have in mind as a purpose
+decide by pondering, reasoning, or reflecting
+ponder; reflect on, or reason about
+dispose the mind in a certain way
+have or formulate in the mind
+be capable of conscious thought
+bring into a given condition by mental preoccupation