US: /ˈswɛɹ/
UK: /swˈe‍ə/

English Vietnamese dictionary

swear /sweə/
  • danh từ
    • lời thề
    • lời nguyền rủa, câu chửi rủa
    • ngoại động từ swore; sworn
      • thề, thề nguyền, tuyên thệ
        • to swear eternal fidelity: thề trung tành muôn đời
      • bắt thề
        • to swear somebody to secrecy: bắt ai thề giữ bí mật
    • nội động từ
      • chửi, nguyền rủa
      • to swear at
        • nguyền rủa (ai)
      • to swear by
        • (thông tục) tỏ ra tin, tỏ ra tín nhiệm
      • đưa ra (để làm thí dụ)
      • viện (ai, thần thánh...) để thề
        • to swear by Jupiter; to swear by all Gods: thề có trời
      • to swear off
        • thề bỏ, thề chừa (rượu...)

    Advanced English dictionary

    1 [V] ~ (at sb/sth) to use rude or offensive language, usually because you are angry: She fell over and swore loudly. + I don't like to hear children swearing. + Why did you let him swear at you like that?
    2 [no passive] to make a serious promise to do sth: [VN] He swore revenge on the man who had killed his father. + [V (that)] I swear (that) I'll never leave you.
    Help Note: 'That' is usually left out, especially in speech. [V to inf] She made him swear not to tell anyone.
    3 ~ (to sb)
    ~ (on sth) to promise that you are telling the truth: [V (that)] She swore (that) she'd never seen him before. + I could have sworn (= I am sure) I heard the phone ring. + [V] I swear to God I had nothing to do with it.
    4 ~ (on sth) to make a public or official promise, especially in a court of law: [V] Witnesses were required to swear on the Bible. + [V that] Are you willing to stand up in court and swear that you don't recognize him? + [V to inf] Remember, you have sworn to tell the truth. + [VN] Barons had to swear an oath of allegiance to the king.
    5 [VN] ~ sb to secrecy / silence to make sb promise not to tell sth to anyone: Everyone was sworn to secrecy about what had happened.
    See also - SWORN
    Idioms: swear blind (informal) to say that sth is definitely true: He swore blind that he'd already paid back the money he owed me.
    swear like a trooper (old-fashioned, BrE) to often use very rude or offensive language
    Phrasal Verbs: swear by sb/sth
    1 to name sb/sth to show that you are making a serious promise: I swear by almighty God that I will tell the truth.
    2 (not used in progressive tenses) to be certain that sth is good or useful: She swears by meditation as a way of relieving stress.
    swear sb<->in
    swear sb into sth [often passive] to make sb promise to do a job correctly, to be loyal to an organization, a country, etc: He was sworn in as president. + The new prime minister was sworn into office.
    related noun SWEARING-IN
    swear to sth (informal) to say that sth is definitely true: I think I put the keys back in the drawer, but I couldn't swear to it (= I'm not completely sure).

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 depose, aver, asseverate, declare, insist, assert, solemnly affirm or state, testify, promise, take an oath, undertake, vow, avow, vouchsafe, warrant, pledge, give one's word, agree:
    He swore he had not done any such thing.
    2 curse, blaspheme, imprecate, use profanity, utter profanities, execrate, Colloq cuss:
    Priscilla stopped her ears at the men's swearing.
    3 swear by. trust (in), believe in, rely on, have confidence in, count on:
    The colonel swears by the same old fountain-pen he has used for years and will use no other.
    4 swear off. forswear, renounce, abjure, go off, forgo, shun, avoid, give up, eschew, forsake, throw over:
    Brian tells me he's sworn off alcohol for a while.

    Collocation dictionary

    1 use bad language


    loudly | quietly, silently, softly, under your breath | viciously, violently


    hear sb
    He heard her swear under her breath.


    He swore loudly at her and left.

    2 make a serious promise


    He swore solemnly that he would never hit her again.
    | on oath


    be prepared to
    I would be prepared to swear on oath that they didn't see me.
    | make sb
    He made her swear on the Bible that she wouldn't leave him.


    I swear by Almighty God to tell the truth.
    | to
    I swear to you, I don't know anything.


    swear sb to secrecy/silence
    We were all sworn to secrecy about the plan.

    Concise English dictionary

    swore|sworn|swears|swearingswer /sweə
    +utter obscenities or profanities
    +to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true
    +promise solemnly; take an oath
    +make a deposition; declare under oath
    +have confidence or faith in