US: /ˈspɪt/
UK: /spˈɪt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

spit /spit/
  • danh từ
    • cái xiên (nướng thịt trong lò quay)
    • mũi đất (nhô ra biển)
    • bờ ngầm
    • ngoại động từ
      • xiên (thịt để nướng trong lò quay)
      • đâm xuyên (nhô ra biển)
      • bờ ngầm
      • ngoại động từ
        • xiên (thịt để nướng trong lò quay)
        • đâm xuyên (bằng gươm)
        • danh từ
          • sự khạc, sự nhổ
          • sự phun phì phì (mèo)
          • nước bọt, nước dãi
          • cơn mưa lún phún, cơm mưa ngắn, trận mưa tuyết ngắn
          • trứng (sâu bọ)
          • (thông tục) vật giống như hệt, người giống như hệt
            • he is the very spit of his father: anh ta giống bố như hệt
            • the spit and image of somebody: (thông tục) người giống hệt ai
        • nội động từ spat
          • khạc, nhổ nước bọt
            • to spit in someone's face: nhổ vào mặt ai, khinh bỉ ai
          • phun phì phì (mèo)
          • làu bàu
          • mưa lún phún
          • bắn, toé (lửa); toé mực (bút)
          • ngoại động từ
            • khạc, nhổ (nước bọt)
            • thốt ra, phun ra, nói to
              • to spit an oath: thốt ra một lời nguyền rủa
            • to spit at
              • phỉ nhổ (ai); coi (ai) như rác
            • to spit out
              • khạc ra
            • phun ra, nói hở ra (điều bí mật)
            • spit it out!
              • muốn nói gì thì nói nhanh lên!
            • to spit upon
              • (như) to spit at
          • danh từ
            • mai (bề sâu xắn xuống đất bằng chiều dài của lưỡi mai)
              • to gig it two spits deep: đào sâu hai mai

          Advanced English dictionary

          verb, noun
          + verb (spitting, spat, spat )
          Help Note: spit is also sometimes used for the past tense and past participle, especially in AmE.)
          from mouth
          1 [VN] ~ sth (out) to force liquid, food, etc. out of your mouth: She took a mouthful of food and then suddenly spat it out. + He was spitting blood from a badly cut lip.
          2 [V] ~ (at / on sb/sth) to force SALIVA (= the liquid that is produced in the mouth) out of your mouth, often as a sign of anger or lack of respect: He coughed and spat. + The prisoners were spat on by their guards. + She spat in his face and went out. + A gang of youths swore and spat at officials outside the stadium.
          say sth angrily
          3 to say sth in an angry or forceful way: [V speech] 'You liar!' she spat. + [VN] He was dragged out of the court, spitting abuse at the judge and jury.
          of an animal
          4 [V] to make a short angry sound: Snakes spit and hiss when they are cornered. + The cat arched its back and spat at the dog.
          of sth cooking / burning
          5 [V] to make a noise and throw out fat, SPARKS, etc: sausages spitting in the frying pan + The logs on the fire crackled and spat.
          6 [V] (informal) (only used in the progressive tenses) when it is spitting, it is raining lightly
          Idioms: spit it out (spoken) usually used in orders to tell sb to say sth when they seem frightened or unwilling to speak: If you've got something to say, spit it out!
          spit venom / blood to show that you are very angry; to speak in an angry way: She looked at him with eyes that spat venom.
          within spitting distance (of sth) (BrE) (also within shouting distance AmE, BrE) (spoken, informal) very close: We live within spitting distance of the bus station.
          more at IMAGE
          Phrasal Verbs: spit up (AmE, informal) (especially of a baby) to VOMIT
          + noun
          in / from mouth
          1 [U] the liquid that is produced in your mouth
          Synonym: SALIVA
          2 [C, usually sing.] the act of spitting liquid or food out of your mouth
          piece of land
          3 [C] a long thin piece of land that sticks out into the sea/ocean, a lake, etc: a shingle spit + a remote spit of land on the coast
          for cooking meat
          4 [C] a long thin metal rod that you put through meat to hold and turn it while you cook it over a fire: chickens roasting on a spit
          Idioms: spit and polish (informal) thorough cleaning and polishing of sth

          Thesaurus dictionary

          1 expectorate; dribble, salivate, drool, slaver, sputter, splutter; discharge, spew (forth), eject:
          Spitting is forbidden. Don't you hate people who spit when they talk? The volcano spat huge boulders into the sky.
          2 spitting image or spit and image. twin, duplicate, clone, image, counterpart, likeness, copy:
          She is the spitting image of her mother.
          3 spittle, saliva, drool, Technical sputum:
          A large gobbet of spit clung to his beard.

          Concise English dictionary

          +a narrow strip of land that juts out into the sea
          +a clear liquid secreted into the mouth by the salivary glands and mucous glands of the mouth; moistens the mouth and starts the digestion of starches
          +a skewer for holding meat over a fire
          +the act of spitting (forcefully expelling saliva)
          +expel or eject (saliva or phlegm or sputum) from the mouth
          +utter with anger or contempt
          +rain gently
          +drive a skewer through