US: /ˌsætəsˈfæktɹi/, /ˌsætɪsˈfæktɝi/
UK: /sˌætɪsfˈæktəɹˌi/

English Vietnamese dictionary

satisfactory /,sætis'fæktəri/
  • tính từ
    • làm thoả mãn, làm vừa ý; đầy đủ, tốt đẹp
      • satisfactory result: kết quả tốt đẹp
      • satisfactory proof: chứng cớ đầy đủ
    • (tôn giáo) để đền tội, để chuộc tội

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
good enough for a particular purpose; acceptable: a satisfactory explanation / answer / solution / conclusion + The work is satisfactory but not outstanding. + The existing law is not wholly satisfactory. + A bonus will be paid on satisfactory completion of the contract. + Her condition after the operation was described as 'satisfactory'.
satisfactorily adverb: Her disappearance has never been satisfactorily explained. + Our complaint was dealt with satisfactorily.

Thesaurus dictionary

adequate, sufficient, acceptable, passable, all right, not bad, good enough, fair, Colloq OK or okay:
I'd say that the food at Michelle's is satisfactory but not outstanding.

Collocation dictionary


appear, be, look, prove, seem, sound | consider sth, find sth, regard sth as


eminently, highly, most, very
It was all most satisfactory.
| completely, fully, perfectly, quite | far from, less than, not altogether, not at all, not entirely, not totally, not wholly
The results were not entirely satisfactory.
| broadly, fairly, generally, more or less, reasonably | apparently | mutually
The arrangement has proved mutually satisfactory.


We hope this proposal is satisfactory to you.

Concise English dictionary

+giving satisfaction
+meeting requirements