US: /ɹiˈɫəktənt/, /ɹɪˈɫəktənt/
UK: /ɹɪlˈʌktənt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

reluctant /ri'lʌktənt/
  • tính từ
    • miễn cưỡng, bất đắc dĩ, không thích, không sẵn lòng
      • to be reluctant to accept the invitation: miễn cưỡng nhận lời mời
      • to give a reluctant consent: bằng lòng miễn cưỡng
    • trơ trơ, chống lại, khó bảo, khó làm
      • the soil proved quite reluctant to the oil plough: đất cứ trơ trơ ra dưới lưỡi cày c

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
~ (to do sth) hesitating before doing sth because you do not want to do it or because you are not sure that it is the right thing to do: reluctant agreement / support + She was reluctant to admit she was wrong. + He finally gave a reluctant smile. + a reluctant hero (= a person who does not want to be called a hero)
reluctance noun [U, sing.] ~ (to do sth): There is still some reluctance on the part of employers to become involved in this project. + They finally agreed to our terms with a certain reluctance. + It was with great reluctance that she took early retirement.
reluctantly adverb: We reluctantly agreed to go with her. + Reluctantly, he started the engine and drove off.

Thesaurus dictionary

unwilling, disinclined, averse, hesitant, loath, unenthusiastic, indisposed, opposed, antagonistic; cautious, chary, wary, leery, circumspect, careful:
I remember how reluctant you were to try raw oysters, and then you couldn't get enough of them.

Collocation dictionary


appear, be, feel, look, seem
Students may feel reluctant to ask questions.
| become | remain


decidedly, deeply, extremely, remarkably, very | increasingly | a little, rather, somewhat | apparently | clearly | curiously, strangely
She was curiously reluctant to talk about the experience.
| understandably
Children are sometimes understandably reluctant to wear glasses that are ugly or uncomfortable.
| notoriously
The monarchy was notoriously reluctant to embrace change.

Concise English dictionary

+unwillingness to do something contrary to your custom
+unwilling to become involved
+not eager