US: /ɹeɪˈʒim/, /ɹəˈʒim/
UK: /ɹe‍ɪʒˈiːm/

English Vietnamese dictionary

regime /rei'ʤi:m/ (régime) /rei'ʤi:m/
  • danh từ
    • chế độ, chính thể
      • democratic regime: chế độ dân chủ
      • feudal regime: chế độ phong kiến

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 a method or system of government, especially one that has not been elected in a fair way: a fascist / totalitarian / military regime + an oppressive / brutal regime
2 a method or system of organizing or managing sth: Our tax regime is one of the most favourable in Europe.
3 = REGIMEN: a dietary / fitness regime(also regime)
+ noun
(medical or formal) a set of rules about food and exercise or medical treatment that you follow in order to stay healthy or to improve your health: a strict regimen + a daily regimen of exercise

Thesaurus dictionary

régime, regimen, reign, government, rule, regulation, administration, direction, order, leadership, management, system, discipline:
Persistent offenders were given harsh penalties under the new regime.

Collocation dictionary

1 system of government


new | old | current, established, existing, present | former, previous | interim | political | conservative, liberal, radical | authoritarian, autocratic, dictatorial, totalitarian | communist, democratic, fascist, socialist | brutal, hard-line, harsh, oppressive, repressive | constitutional, parliamentary | revolutionary | military | colonial | puppet
In 1940 a puppet regime was established by the invaders.


establish, install, set up | defeat, overthrow, topple | bolster, strengthen
Education was seen as a way of bolstering the existing regime.
| destabilize | support | oppose | head
a military regime headed by the general


exist | come to power
The communist regime came to power in 1975.
| collapse, fall


against a/the ~
She called for sanctions against the regime.
| under a/the ~
He spoke of the abhorrent crimes that had been committed under the regime.
| ~ under
a military regime under Franco


a change of regime, the collapse/fall/overthrow of a regime, a member of a regime

2 set of rules/procedures


harsh, rigorous, strict, tight | relaxed | new | special | exercise, fitness, health, training | dietary | drug, therapeutic, treatment | educational | economic, financial, fiscal, legal, regulatory
a financial regime imposed by the government
| trade/trading, tax | safety


create, introduce, set up, start
It will be necessary to create a regime to monitor compliance with the agreements.
| impose | subject sb to
The children were subjected to a strict regime of meals, walks and lessons.
| follow
He suggested to me that I follow his fitness regime.


be based on sth
a regime based on discipline and training


under a/the ~
Under the new regime you will be liable for automatic penalties for late submission of tax returns.
| ~ for
the new regime for accounting for charities

Concise English dictionary

+the organization that is the governing authority of a political unit
+(medicine) a systematic plan for therapy (often including diet)