US: /ˈpæŋ/
UK: /pˈæŋ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

pang /pæɳ/
  • danh từ
    • sự đau nhói, sự đau đớn; sự giằn vật, sự day dứt (của lương tâm)
      • birth pangs: cơn đau đẻ
      • the pangs of hunger: sự giằn vặt của cơn đói

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
a sudden strong feeling of physical or emotional pain: hunger pangs / pangs of hunger + a sudden pang of jealousy + She looked at Susan and saw with a pang how tired and frail she seemed.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 pain, stab, ache, pinch, twinge, stitch, spasm:
I felt a sharp pang of hunger.
2 qualm, hesitation, scruple, misgiving, remorse, regret, contrition, contriteness, self-reproach, mortification, guilt, anguish, discomfort, malaise:
Does Claire feel the slightest pangs for treating him badly?

Collocation dictionary


sharp | little | passing
a passing pang of regret
| sudden, unexpected | hunger | birth
(figurative) the birth pangs of the new technology


experience, feel, suffer
He experienced a sudden pang of conscience.
| cause, give sb
The photograph gave her a pang of homesickness.


shoot through sb
A sharp pang of guilt shot through him.


with a ~
With a pang she recalled the last time she had seen him.
| ~ of
She felt a little pang of jealousy.

Concise English dictionary

+a sudden sharp feeling
+a mental pain or distress
+a sharp spasm of pain