US: /ˈoʊn/
UK: /ˈə‍ʊn/

English Vietnamese dictionary

own /oun/
  • tính từ
    • của chính mình, của riêng mình
      • I saw it with my own eyes: chính mắt tôi trông thấy
      • I have nothing of my own: tôi chẳng có cái gì riêng cả
    • on one's own
      • độc lập cho bản thân mình; tự mình chịu trách nhiệm; với phương tiện của bản thân mình
    • to do something on one's own: làm việc gì tự ý mình
    • to be one's own man
      • (xem) man
    • to get one's own back
      • (thông tục) trả thù
    • to hold one's own
      • giữ vững vị trí, giữ vững lập trường
    • chẳng kém ai, có thể đối địch được với người
    • ngoại động từ
      • có, là chủ của
        • to own something: có cái gì
      • nhận, nhìn nhận; thừa nhận là có, thừa nhận là đúng, cam tâm nhận (sự thống trị...)
        • he owns his deficiencies: anh ta nhận những thiếu sót của anh ta
        • to own oneself indebted: thừa nhận là có hàm ơn
    • nội động từ
      • thú nhận, đầu thú
        • to own to having done something: thú nhận là đã làm việc gì
      • to own up
        • (thông tục) thú, thú nhận

    Advanced English dictionary

    adjective, pronoun, verb
    adjective, pronoun
    1 used to emphasize that sth belongs to or is connected with sb: It was her own idea. + I saw it with my own eyes (= I didn't hear about it from somebody else). + Is the car your own? + Your day off is your own (= you can spend it as you wish). + Our children are grown up and have children of their own. + For reasons of his own (= particular reasons that perhaps only he knew about), he refused to join the club. + The accident happened through no fault of her own. + He wants to come into the business on his own terms. + I need a room of my own. + I have my very own room at last.
    Help Note: Own cannot be used after an article: I need my own room. + I need an own room. + It's good to have your own room. + It's good to have the own room.
    2 done or produced by and for yourself: She makes all her own clothes. + He has to cook his own meals.
    Idioms: come into your / its own to have the opportunity to show how good or useful you are or sth is: When the traffic's this bad, a bicycle really comes into its own.
    get your own back (on sb) (informal) to do sth to sb in return for harm they have done to you; to get REVENGE: I'll get my own back on him one day, I swear!
    hold your own (against sb/sth) (in sth) to remain in a strong position when sb is attacking you, competing with you, etc: Business isn't good but we're managing to hold our own. + She can hold her own against anybody in an argument. + The patient is holding her own although she is still very sick.
    (all) on your own
    1 alone; without anyone else: I'm all on my own today. + She lives on her own.
    2 without help: He did it on his own.
    more at MIND n., SAKE, SOUND n.
    + verb (not used in the progressive tenses)
    1 [VN] to have sth that belongs to you, especially because you have bought it: Do you own your house or do you rent it? + I don't own anything of any value. + Most of the apartments are privately owned. + an American owned company + Does anyone own this coat? It was left in a classroom. + Don't tell me what to do-you don't own me!
    2 ~ to sth / to doing sth (old-fashioned) to admit that sth is true: [V] He owned to a feeling of guilt. + [V (that)] She owned (that) she had been present.
    Idioms: behave / act as if you own the place
    think you own the place (disapproving) to behave in a very confident way that annoys other people, for example by telling them what to do
    Phrasal Verbs: own up (to sth / to doing sth) to admit that you are responsible for sth bad or wrong
    Synonym: CONFESS
    I'm still waiting for someone to own up to the breakages. + Why don't you just own up and hope she forgives you?

    Collocation dictionary


    communally, jointly
    Only when the means of production were communally owned would classes disappear. She owns the house jointly with her husband.
    | legally
    He committed the crime with a gun that he legally owned.


    directly/indirectly owned by sb, own your own boat, home, etc.
    They dreamed of owning their own home.
    | partly/wholly owned by sb
    The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of SNL Research.
    | privately/publicly owned
    The museum is privately owned.

    Concise English dictionary

    +have ownership or possession of
    +belonging to or on behalf of a specified person (especially yourself); preceded by a possessive