US: /ˌɔɹɡənəˈzeɪʃən/

English Vietnamese dictionary

organization /,ɔ:gənai'zeiʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự tổ chức, sự cấu tạo
    • tổ chức, cơ quan
      • world organizations: các tổ chức quốc tế

Advanced English dictionary

(BrE also organisation)
+ noun
1 [C] a group of people who form a business, club, etc. together in order to achieve a particular aim: to work for a business / political / voluntary organization + the World Health Organization + He's the president of a large international organization.
2 [U] the act of making arrangements or preparations for sth: I leave most of the organization of these conferences to my assistant. + A wedding on that scale takes a lot of organization.
3 [U] the way in which the different parts of sth are arranged: The report studies the organization of labour within the company.
4 [U] the quality of being arranged in a neat, careful and logical way: She is highly intelligent but her work lacks organization.
organizational, organisational adjective [only before noun]: organizational skills / ability + organizational change / problems / structure

Thesaurus dictionary

1 organizing, structuring, assembling, assembly, putting together, coordination, systematizing, systematization, classifying, classification, categorizing, categorization, codifying, codification:
The organization of the school timetable took hours to complete.
2 structure, pattern, configuration, design, plan, scheme, order, system, organism, composition, arrangement, constitution, make-up, grouping, framework, format, form, shape:
One must consider the organization as a whole, not merely its constituent elements.
3 body, system, institution, federation, confederacy, confederation, society, group, league, coalition, conglomerate, combine, consortium, syndicate, organism:
The organization is a coherent structure made up of an enormous number of disparate elements.

Collocation dictionary

1 organized group of people


large, mass | small | community, international, local, national | government, state | official | party, political | professional | non-governmental | grass-roots | voluntary | charitable, philanthropic | non-profit, not-for-profit | commercial, profit-making | environmental, human rights, labour, relief | student, women's, youth | terrorist | umbrella | front
a front organization for drug trafficking


disband (For more verbs see note.)


in a/the ~
There are several talented people in that organization. > Special page at BUSINESS

2 way in which sth is organized


effective, efficient, smooth
the smooth organization of the trip
| poor | internal


a high degree of organization



More information about ORGANIZATION


create, establish, form, found, set up, start ~
an association created to promote local industry The company was founded in 1981.

dissolve ~
(often law)She sought a court order to have the partnership dissolved.

run ~
He runs an accountancy firm.

manage ~
The executive committee manages the group on a day-to-day basis.

be/become a member of, join ~
She became a member of the Society of Arts.

leave ~
The country plans to leave the organization.

Concise English dictionary

+a group of people who work together
+an organized structure for arranging or classifying
+the persons (or committees or departments etc.) who make up a body for the purpose of administering something
+the act of forming something
+the act of organizing a business or an activity related to a business
+the activity or result of distributing or disposing persons or things properly or methodically
+an ordered manner; orderliness by virtue of being methodical and well organized