US: /ˈoʊpənəs/, /ˈoʊpənnəs/
UK: /ˈə‍ʊpənnəs/

English Vietnamese dictionary

openness /'oupnnis/
  • danh từ
    • sự mở, tình trạng mở
    • sự không giấu giếm, sự không che đậy; tính chất công khai
    • sự cởi mở, sự thẳng thắn, sự chân thật
    • tính rộng rãi, tính phóng khoáng, tính không thành kiến

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun [U]
1 the quality of being honest and not hiding information or feelings
2 the quality of being able to think about, accept or listen to different ideas or people: a child's openness to life
3 the quality of not being enclosed or covered: the openness of the landscape

Collocation dictionary


greater, more
There is a need for greater openness in government.
| complete


demonstrate, show


~ about
her openness about her marital problems
| ~ to/towards
He demonstrated an openness to change.