US: /ˈwəns/
UK: /wˈɒns/

English Vietnamese dictionary

once /wʌns/
  • phó từ
    • một lần
      • once or twice: một hay hai lần
      • once more: một lần nữa
    • một khi
      • when once he understands: một khi nó đã hiểu
    • trước kia, xưa kia
      • once upon a time: ngày xửa, ngày xưa
    • đã có một thời
      • once famour artist: nghệ sĩ nổi danh một thời
    • all at once
      • (xem) all
    • once at once
      • ngay một lúc, cùng một lúc
    • lập tức
    • for once
      • ít nhất là một lần
    • once and again
      • (xem) again
    • once bitten, twice shy
      • (tục ngữ) phải một bận, cạch đến già
    • once for all
      • một lần cho mãi mãi; dứt khoát
    • once in a white
      • thỉnh thoảng, đôi khi
  • liên từ
    • khi mà, ngay khi, một khi
      • once he hesitates we have him: một khi nó do dự là ta thắng nó đấy
  • danh từ
    • một lần
      • once is enough for me: một lần là đủ đối với tôi

Advanced English dictionary

adverb, conjunction
+ adverb
1 on one occasion only; one time: I've only been there once. + He cleans his car once a week. + She only sees her parents once every six months. + (informal) He only did it the once.
2 at some time in the past: I once met your mother. + He once lived in Zambia. + This book was famous once, but nobody reads it today.
3 used in negative sentences and questions, and after if to mean 'ever' or 'at all': He never once offered to help. + If she once decides to do something, you won't change her mind.
Idioms: all at once
1 suddenly: All at once she lost her temper.
2 all together; at the same time: I can't do everything all at once-you'll have to be patient.
at once
1 immediately; without delay: Come here at once!
2 at the same time: Don't all speak at once! + I can't do two things at once.
(just) for once
just this once (spoken) on this occasion (which is in contrast to what happens usually): Just for once he arrived on time. + Can't you be nice to each other just this once?
going once, going twice, sold (especially AmE) = GOING, GOING, GONE
once again
once more one more time; another time: Once again the train was late. + Let me hear it just once more.
once a ..., always a ... used to say that sb cannot change: Once an actor, always an actor.
once and for all now and for the last time; finally or completely: We need to settle this once and for all.
once bitten, twice shy (saying) after an unpleasant experience you are careful to avoid sth similar
once in a blue moon (informal) very rarely
(every) once in a while occasionally
once or twice a few times: I don't know her well, I've only met her once or twice.
once too often used to say that sb has done sth wrong or stupid again, and this time they will suffer because of it: You've tried that trick once too often.
once upon a time used, especially at the beginning of stories, to mean 'a long time in the past': Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess.
+ conjunction
as soon as; when: We didn't know how we would cope once the money had gone. + The water is fine once you're in!

Thesaurus dictionary

1 once upon a time, formerly, (at) one time, on a former occasion, previously, before, in days gone by, in olden days, in the (good) old days, long ago, some time ago, years or ages or aeons ago, in days of yore:
Your hair is as long as mine once was. He was once a famous film star. That once revered leader has fallen
2 one time, on one occasion, a single time:
He has visited his family only once in all these years.
3 once and for all. finally, positively, definitely, decidedly, conclusively, for good:
We must settle the itinerary once and for all before we can make the bookings
4 once in a while. occasionally, (every) now and then, now and again, at times, sometimes, periodically, from time to time, at intervals, sporadically:
We go to the theatre once in a while.
5 (if) ever, as soon as, at any time:
Once the bus comes, you'd best get on it straight away.
6 at once.
(a) immediately, straight away, right away, directly, without delay, promptly, instantly, post-haste; in a wink, in the twinkling of an eye, in a minute or moment or second or split second, in no time (at all), before you can turn around, before you can say 'Jack Robinson', in a trice, Colloq in a jiffy, in two shakes of a lamb's tail:
Watson, come here at once. I'll be there at once.
(b) together, at the same time, simultaneously, at a stroke, in the same instant, in the same breath, Colloq at one go, at a go, in one go:
You cannot be in two places at once.

Concise English dictionary

+on one occasion
+as soon as
+at a previous time