US: /əbˈskjʊɹ/
UK: /ɒbskjˈɔː/

English Vietnamese dictionary

obscure /əb'skjuə/
  • tính từ
    • tối, tối tăm, mờ, mờ mịt
    • không rõ nghĩa, tối nghĩa
      • obscure style: văn tối nghĩa
    • không có tiếng tăm, ít người biết đến
      • an obscure author: tác giả không có tiếng tăm
      • an obscure village: làng ít người biết đến
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm tối, làm mờ
    • làm không rõ, làm khó hiểu
    • làm mờ (tên tuổi)
    • che khuất

Advanced English dictionary

adjective, verb
+ adjective
1 not well known: an obscure German poet + We went to see one of Shakespeare's more obscure plays. + He was born around 1650 but his origins remain obscure.
2 difficult to understand: I found her lecture very obscure. + For some obscure reason, he failed to turn up. + The meaning of his comment was obscure to everyone but himself.
obscurely adverb: They were making her feel obscurely worried (= for reasons that were difficult to understand).
+ verb [VN] to make it difficult to see, hear or understand sth: The view was obscured by fog. + Symptoms of the disease can easily be obscured. + We mustn't let these minor details obscure the main issue. + A shadow fell across her face, obscuring her expression.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 dark, unlit, gloomy, sombre, dismal, murky, dusky, black, Cimmerian, tenebrous, dim, faint, blurred, veiled, shadowy, subfusc, subfuscous, umbral, shady, hazy, foggy, befogged, clouded, nebulous, overcast, cloudy:
The traveller's lantern was barely seen in the obscure reaches of the wood.
2 unclear, uncertain, ambiguous, vague, hazy, doubtful, dubious, equivocal, indefinite, indistinct, fuzzy, blurred, confused, confusing, Delphic, puzzling, enigmatic, perplexing, baffling, mystifying, mysterious, cryptic, incomprehensible, unfamiliar, foreign, strange:
The sorcerer muttered some obscure words, and a golden horse stood prancing before them
3 secret, concealed, hidden, remote, out-of-the-way, inconspicuous, unnoticeable, secluded, unnoticed:
The caped figure scurried down the alley and disappeared into some obscure doorway
4 unknown, unheard-of, anonymous, unnamed, insignificant, unimportant, inconsequential, humble, lowly, mean, inglorious, inconspicuous, undistinguished, unnoticed, unsung, minor, little-known:
Though extremely popular, the song was written by an obscure composer.
5 abstruse, arcane, recondite, esoteric, intricate, complex, occult, out of the ordinary, unfamiliar, Colloq far-out:
He is an authority on some obscure subject like Coptic calligraphy.
6 cover, conceal, hide, veil, shroud, cloak, mask, screen, disguise, keep from:
Her link with military intelligence was obscured from her family.
7 dim, bedim, cloud, becloud, dull, shroud, shade, adumbrate, overshadow, darken, obfuscate, block, eclipse:
The street lamp was obscured by trees.

Collocation dictionary


be, seem | become
The origins of the tradition have become obscure.
| remain
The motives behind this decision remain somewhat obscure.


extremely, very | completely, totally | largely | fairly, rather, relatively, somewhat


completely, totally | almost | largely | half, partially, partly, slightly, somewhat | deliberately
All trace of his working-class background was deliberately obscured
| easily
Solo passages in this register are very easily obscured by other instruments.


serve to, tend to
The emphasis on social integration often served to obscure the real differences within the community.
| allow sth to


The moonwas obscured behind a wall ofcloud.


obscure the fact that …
These figures obscure the fact thata lot of older people live in greatpoverty.
| obscure sth from view
The house was obscured from viewby a high hedge.

Concise English dictionary

obscures|obscured|obscuring|obscurer|obscurestəb'skjʊr /əb'skjʊə
+make less visible or unclear
+make unclear, indistinct, or blurred
+make obscure or unclear
+make undecipherable or imperceptible by obscuring or concealing
+make difficult to perceive by sight
+not clearly understood or expressed
+marked by difficulty of style or expression
+difficult to find
+not famous or acclaimed
+not drawing attention
+remote and separate physically or socially