US: /ˈnəmbɝ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

number /'nʌmbə/
  • danh từ
    • số
      • even number: số chãn
      • old number: số lẻ
      • broken number: phân số
      • a great number of: nhiều
      • issued in numbers: xuất bản từng đoạn, làm nhiều số
      • singular number: (ngôn ngữ học) số ít
      • plural number: (ngôn ngữ học) số nhiều
    • đám, bọn, nhóm, toán
      • he is not of our number: nó không ở trong bọn chúng tôi
    • sự đếm số lượng
      • without number: không thể đếm được, hằng hà sa số
    • (số nhiều) sự hơn về số lượng, số nhiều, đa số
      • to win by numbers: thắng vì hơn về số lượng
      • he was by numbers: thắng vì hơn về số lượng
      • he was compelled to yield to numbers: nó bắt buộc phải chịu thua trước số đông
    • (thơ ca) nhịp điệu
    • (số nhiều) câu thơ
    • (số nhiều) số học
      • to be good at numbers: giỏi về số học
    • to lose the number of one's mess
      • (quân sự), (từ lóng) chết
    • number one
      • (thông tục) cá nhân, bản thân
    • to look only after number one: chỉ chăm chăm chút chút bản thân
    • (quân sự), (từ lóng) đại uý (hải quân)
    • his number goes up
      • (từ lóng) nó đã chầu trời rồi
  • ngoại động từ
    • đếm
      • to number the stars: đếm sao
    • (number among, in, with) kể vào, liệt vào, tính vào
      • I number him among my friends: tôi kể anh ta vào số bạn tôi
    • đánh số, ghi số
      • these books are numbered from one to twenty: những quyển sách này được đánh số từ một đến hai mươi
    • lên tới, gồm có, có số dân là (tổng số)
      • we numbered twenty in all: chúng tôi tất cả gồm có hai mươi người
      • an army numbering eighty thousand: một đạo quân lên tới 80 000 người
      • this village numbers 5,000: làng này có đủ số dân là 5 000
    • thọ (bao nhiêu tuổi)
      • he numbers four score years: cụ ấy thọ tám mươi
    • his years are numberef
      • anh ta cũng chẳng còn sống được bao lâu nữa

Advanced English dictionary

noun, verb
+ noun
word / symbol
1 [C] a word or symbol that represents an amount or a quantity: Think of a number and multiply it by two. + a high / low number + even numbers (= 2, 4, 6, etc.) + odd numbers (= 1, 3, 5, etc.) + You owe me 27 dollars? Make it 30, that's a good round number.
position in series
2 [C] (abbreviation No.) (Symbol #) used before a figure to show the position of sth in a series: They live at number 26. + The song reached number 5 in the charts.
telephone, etc.
3 [C] (often in compounds) a number used to identify sth or communicate by telephone, FAX, etc: My phone number is 266998 + I'm sorry, I think you have the wrong number (= wrong telephone number). + He dialled the number, then changed his mind and hung up. + What is your account number, please?
4 [C] ~ (of sb/sth) a quantity of people or things: A large number of people have applied for the job. + The number of homeless people has increased dramatically. + Huge numbers of (= very many) animals have died. + A number of (= some) problems have arisen. + I could give you any number of (= a lot of) reasons for not going. + We were eight in number (= there were eight of us). + Nurses are leaving the profession in increasing numbers. + Sheer weight of numbers (= the large number of soldiers) secured them the victory. + The course will have to be repeated owing to pressure of numbers (= too many students). + staff / student numbers
Help Note: A plural verb is needed after a / an (large, small, etc.) number of ....
group of people
5 [sing.] (formal) a group or quantity of people: one of our number (= one of us) + The prime minister is elected by MPs from among their number.
6 [C] (BrE) the version of a magazine, etc. published on a particular day, in a particular month, etc.
Synonym: ISSUE
the October number of 'Vogue'
See also - BACK NUMBER
song / dance
7 [C] a song or dance, especially one of several in a performance: They sang a slow romantic number.
thing admired
8 [sing.] (informal) (following one or more adjectives) a thing, such as a dress or a car, that is admired: She was wearing a black velvet number.
9 [U] the form of a word, showing whether one or more than one person or thing is being talked about: The word 'men' is plural in number. + The subject of a sentence and its verb must agree in number.
Idioms: by numbers following a set of simple instructions identified by numbers: painting by numbers
have (got) sb's number (informal) to know what sb is really like and what they plan to do: He thinks he can fool me but I've got his number.
your number is up (informal) the time has come when you will die or lose everything
number one (informal)
1 the most important or best person or thing: We're number one in the used car business. + the world's number one athlete + the number one priority
2 yourself: Looking after number one is all she thinks about.
numbers game a way of considering an activity, etc. that is concerned only with the number of people doing sth, things achieved, etc., not with who or what they are: MPs were playing the numbers game as the crucial vote drew closer.
+ verb
make a series
1 to give a number to sth as part of a series or list: [VN] All the seats in the stadium are numbered. + Number the car's features from 1 to 10 according to importance. + [V] I couldn't work out the numbering system for the hotel rooms. [also VN-N]
make sth as total
2 [V-N] to make a particular number when added together
Synonym: ADD UP TO STH
The crowd numbered more than a thousand. + We numbered 20 (= there were 20 of us in the group).
3 ~ (sb/sth) among sth (formal) to include sb/sth in a particular group; to be included in a particular group: [VN] I number her among my closest friends. + [V] He numbers among the best classical actors in Britain.
Idioms see DAY

Thesaurus dictionary

1 numeral, integer, figure, digit:
The columns of numbers were entered in a neat hand.
2 few, handful, crowd, slew, gang, bunch, party, bevy, covey, troop, company, platoon, swarm, horde, multitude, mob, host, army, mass, hundred, thousand, million, billion; several, many, numbers, legions, US and Canadian slew(s) or slue(s), Colloq loads, tons:
A number of people attended the meeting. An enormous number of viruses could fit on the head of a pin
3 issue; edition, copy:
The fourth number of the quarterly is published at the end of the year.
4 count, enumerate, compute, calculate, tally, figure (up), add (up), include, total, tot (up), reckon, sum (up):
Who can number the stars?

Collocation dictionary

1 symbol/word


cardinal, decimal, ordinal | even, odd
Houses on this side of the road have even numbers.
| high, low | prime | random | lucky, unlucky
Many people think 13 is an unlucky number.
| winning
the winning numbers in tonight's lottery


add, divide, multiply, subtract, take away
Add all the numbers together, divide by ten, and take away the number you first thought of.


in round numbers
There were about 150 there, in round numbers.
| number crunching
(= doing calculations)There's more to accountancy than just number crunching.

2 quantity/amount


considerable, enormous, great, huge, inordinate, large, substantial, vast | record
a record number of enquiries
| disproportionate, surprising | fair, reasonable, significant
We've had a fair number of complaints about the new phone system.
| finite, infinite
There are an infinite number of solutions to the problem.
| equal
The candidates received an equal number of votes.
| maximum, minimum | average, mean, median | adequate, sufficient | limited, small | growing, increasing, rising | exact, precise
Many people have died in the epidemic?the precise number is not known.
| indefinite, unspecified | approximate | total


grow in, increase in
Factories had increased in number between the wars.
| decrease in, reduce in


double, grow, increase | decline, diminish, drop, dwindle, fall (off/down)
Shark numbers have dwindled as a result of hunting.


in ~
The paintings, twelve in number, are over 200 years old.


a decline/drop in numbers
The decline in numbers of young people means that fewer teachers will be needed.
| a growth/an increase in numbers, few/limited/small in number
Wild dogs are now few in number.

3 for identifying sb/sth


account, identity, registration, serial, etc. | flat, house


at ~
We live at number 21.

4 telephone number


fax, phone, telephone | home, office, work | wrong
I keep getting the wrong number.


call, dial, phone, ring | get


clearly | consecutively, sequentially


according to, by
Each pigeon hole is clearly numbered by floor and by room.
| from, to
Number the car's features from 1 to 10 according to importance.

Concise English dictionary

+the property possessed by a sum or total or indefinite quantity of units or individuals
+a concept of quantity derived from zero and units
+a short theatrical performance that is part of a longer program
+a numeral or string of numerals that is used for identification
+the number is used in calling a particular telephone
+a symbol used to represent a number
+one of a series published periodically
+a select company of people
+the grammatical category for the forms of nouns and pronouns and verbs that are used depending on the number of entities involved (singular or dual or plural)
+an item of merchandise offered for sale
+a clothing measurement
+add up in number or quantity
+give numbers to
+put into a group
+determine the number or amount of
+place a limit on the number of

+make numb or insensitive
+lacking sensation
+(followed by `to') not showing human feeling or sensitivity; unresponsive
+so frightened as to be unable to move; stunned or paralyzed with terror