US: /moʊˈmɛntəm/
UK: /mə‍ʊmˈɛntəm/

English Vietnamese dictionary

momentum /mou'mentəm/
  • danh từ, số nhiều momenta /mou'mentə/
    • (vật lý) động lượng, xung lượng
    • (thông tục) đà
    • to grow in momentum
      • được tăng cường mạnh lên

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun [U]
1 the ability to keep increasing or developing: The fight for his release gathers momentum each day. + They began to lose momentum in the second half of the game.
2 a force that is gained by movement: The vehicle gained momentum as the road dipped.
3 (technical) the quantity of movement of a moving object, measured as its MASS (= weight) multiplied by its speed

Thesaurus dictionary

energy, force, drive, strength, impetus, power, inertia, impulse, thrust, push:
The car's momentum carried it over the cliff. Her encouragement has given me the momentum needed to carry on.

Collocation dictionary


considerable, great, irresistible | initial | fresh
She gave fresh momentum to the campaign.


The campaign for change now has considerable momentum.
| build up, gain, gather, increase
The car gathered momentum as it rolled down the hill.
| create, give sth, provide | keep up, maintain, sustain | lose
The team has lost momentum in recent weeks.
| slow


build up, increase | go
Their momentum has gone, and they feel they cannot fight any longer.


~ for
keeping up the momentum for growth
| ~ towards
the irresistible momentum towards reunification of the two countries


keep the momentum going
We have to keep the momentum of our sales operation going.

Concise English dictionary

+an impelling force or strength
+the product of a body's mass and its velocity