US: /ˈmeɪd/
UK: /mˈe‍ɪd/

English Vietnamese dictionary

made /meid/
  • thời quá khứ & động tính từ quá khứ của make
  • tính từ
    • làm, hoàn thành, thực hiện
      • a made man: một người sẽ chắc chắn thành công trong cuộc đời
      • made fast: (kỹ thuật) ghép chặt

Advanced English dictionary

1 past tense, past participle of MAKE
2 (-made) (in adjectives) made in the way, place, etc. mentioned: well-made + home-made
See also - SELF-MADE
Idioms: have (got) it made (informal) to be sure of success; to have everything that you want
(be) made for sb / each other to be completely suited to sb/each other: Peter and Judy seem made for each other, don't they?

Thesaurus dictionary

1 build, assemble, construct, erect, put together, set up, fashion, form, mould, shape, frame, create, originate, fabricate, manufacture, produce, put out, forge, contrive, devise:
She makes her own dresses. They make TV sets here. The Colossus of Rhodes was said to be made of bronze
2 cause, compel, force, impel, coerce, provoke, urge, exhort, press, pressure, require, command, order, induce, persuade, prevail upon, insist upon, oblige, Brit pressurize:
The devil made me do it.
3 bring about, occasion, cause, give rise to:
The new regulation is going to make trouble for you.
4 make out or up, draw (up), create, write, sign, frame:
I made a new will leaving everything to my children.
5 produce, cause, create, generate:
The engine made a funny noise, then died.
6 enact, pass, frame, establish, institute:
He thinks that laws were made to be broken.
7 earn, return, reap, garner, take in, get, procure, gather, clear, realize, gross, net, pocket, get, acquire, obtain, receive; win, gain, Slang US pull down:
Has her invention made money? He makes a good living out of his shop. He made $25 playing poker
8 amount to, constitute, represent, add up to, total, come to:
He knows how many beans make five. Three and two do not make four. One singer does not make an opera
9 change, turn, alter, modify, transform, convert; transmute, mutate, metamorphose:
He made her into a star. The alchemists tried to make base metal into gold.
10 become, be, change or turn or grow into, perform as:
I think Quentin will make a brilliant surgeon one day.
11 serve as or for, be suitable for, be, prove to be, turn out to be, turn into, become:
This cut of meat will not make a good roast.
12 fetch, realize, earn, return:
The locket made $1000 at the auction.
13 score, earn, secure:
The West Indies made 654 in their first innings.
14 reach, arrive at, attain, get (to), win, achieve, accomplish; come in, Brit be placed, US place:
Fran might make first place in the marathon.
15 prepare, arrange, rearrange, tidy (up), neaten (up):
You have made your bed, now you will have to lie on it.
16 record, arrange, fix, decide (on or upon), agree (to):
I made an appointment to see the doctor.
17 prepare, fix, cook:
I made what you like for dinner.
18 deliver, present:
Janet made a good speech.
19 traverse, cover, do, travel, navigate:
We cannot make more than 100 miles a day over this terrain.
20 do, go, travel or move at, move:
His old banger could hardly make 40 m.p.h.
21 judge, think, calculate, estimate, reckon, gauge, suppose:
What do you make of Sidney's new book?
22 establish, set up, organize:
We made our headquarters in the farmhouse.
23 appoint, name, select, choose, elect, vote (in as), designate, authorize, commission, delegate, depute, deputize, assign, sanction, approve, affirm, certify, confirm:
They made him their leader.
24 seduce, make it with:
Kenneth tried to make Sharon last night.
25 make as if or as though. pretend, feign, act as if or as though, affect, make a show or pretence of, give the impression of:
He made as if to strike me.
26 make away. run off or away, flee, fly, make off, abscond, take to one's heels, decamp, beat a (hasty) retreat, Colloq run for it, make a run for it, beat it, clear out, cut and run, skedaddle, take off, cut out, skip (town), make tracks, US fly the coop, Slang scram, vamoose, US hightail it, take a (run-out) powder:
Taking the jewels, he made away as fast as he could run.
27 make away with. steal, rob, filch, pilfer, purloin, walk away or off with, Colloq borrow, liberate, boost, Slang pinch, hook, swipe, rip off, lift, US boost:
That boy has made away with my cherry tarts!
28 make believe. pretend, fancy, play-act, dream, fantasize, imagine, act as if:
We used to make believe we were grown-ups.
29 make do. get by or along, cope, scrape by or along, manage, muddle through, survive, Colloq make out:
We have to make do on the pittance Randolph gets from the university.
30 make for.
(a) head for or towards, aim for, steer (a course) for, proceed towards, be bound for:
After this is done, I am making for the nearest pub.
(b) assault, attack, set upon, charge, rush (at), pounce upon, fall upon or on, go for, lunge at, storm, assail:
The big fellow was making for me with a knife when the lights went out.
(c) promote, contribute to, be conducive to, favour, facilitate:
Good fences make for good neighbours.
31 make good.
(a) make up (for), pay (for), compensate for, recompense (for), repay, offset, make restitution for, settle, square, rectify, put to rights, set right, remedy, correct, restore:
He agreed to make good any losses.
(b) succeed, prosper, flourish, thrive, Colloq make it:
In later life he made good as a property developer.
(c) fulfil, carry out, Colloq deliver (the goods):
She made good on her promise to return my book.
32 make it.
(a) succeed, prosper, triumph, win, make good, Colloq make the grade:
Do you think she will make it as a doctor?
(b) arrive, get (somewhere), show up, appear, turn up:
They are hoping to catch the 5:03 to Ipswich but I doubt if they will make it
33 make known. tell of, impart, disclose, reveal, divulge, mention, communicate, announce, declare, promulgate, publish, let slip, Colloq tip off:
She made known her demands.
34 make much of.
(a) exaggerate, overstate, colour, hyperbolize, Colloq make a big deal of, blow up:
He made much of his new title.
(b) coddle, cosset, baby, pamper, dote on, flatter, toady (up) to, cajole, humour, indulge, Colloq butter up:
Henry makes much of his grandchildren.
35 make off. See make, 26, above.
36 make off with. See make, 27, above.
37 make out.
(a) see, discern, descry, espy, detect, discover, distinguish, perceive:
I made out a dim figure in the gloom.
(b) complete, fill in, Brit fill up, US and Canadian fill out:
I made out an application for the job.
(c) draw (up), write (out or down), record, Colloq US cut:
Please make out a list of your complaints. Make out the cheque to me, personally.
(d) understand, fathom, comprehend, figure out, perceive, follow, grasp, see, decipher, read:
She mumbles so, I cannot make out what she's saying. Can you make out this name?
(e) suggest, imply, hint, insinuate, indicate, impute, intimate, make to appear, pretend, make as if or as though, represent; present, show, demonstrate, establish:
She tried to make out that I was a fool. He made out a strong case for dog licensing.
(f) get on, survive, manage, fare, thrive, succeed:
How are you making out in your new house?
38 make over.
(a) do over, remodel, redecorate, alter:
We are making over our kitchen.
(b) transfer, hand over, sign over, convey, assign, turn over:
The property has been made over to me.
39 make up.
(a) complete, fill out, finish (out), flesh out:
We need another player to make up the team.
(b) compose, form, constitute, be comprised of:
The gang is made up of ex-convicts.
(c) hatch, invent, concoct, devise, create, construct, dream up, originate, coin, compose, Colloq cook up:
He made up that story about the murder.
(d) be reconciled, make peace, settle amicably, come to terms, bury the hatchet:
The litigants have kissed and made up.
(e) construct, build:
The shack is made up of scrap boards.
40 make up for. compensate, redress, make good, atone, make amends:
How can I make up for all the bad things I said about you?
41 make way. move aside, clear the way, allow to pass, make room or space:
Make way for the Lord High Executioner!
42 kind, brand, style, sort, type, mark:
Foreign makes of car currently dominate the market-place.
43 on the make. aggressive, assertive, go-ahead, enterprising, vigorous, energetic, Colloq pushy:
The book is about a young man on the make in today's financial world.

Concise English dictionary

+produced by a manufacturing process
+(of a bed) having the sheets and blankets set in order
+successful or assured of success

+a recognizable kind
+the act of mixing cards haphazardly
+engage in
+give certain properties to something
+make or cause to be or to become
+cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner
+give rise to; cause to happen or occur, not always intentionally
+create or manufacture a man-made product
+make, formulate, or derive in the mind
+compel or make somebody or something to act in a certain way
+create by artistic means
+earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages
+create or design, often in a certain way
+to compose or represent:"This wall forms the background of the stage setting"
+reach a goal, e.g., "make the first team"
+be or be capable of being changed or made into
+make by shaping or bringing together constituents
+perform or carry out
+make by combining materials and parts
+change from one form into another
+act in a certain way so as to acquire
+charge with a function; charge to be
+achieve a point or goal
+reach a destination, either real or abstract
+institute, enact, or establish
+carry out or commit
+add up to
+form by assembling individuals or constituents
+organize or be responsible for
+prepare for eating by applying heat
+put in order or neaten
+head into a specified direction
+have a bowel movement
+undergo fabrication or creation
+be suitable for
+amount to
+constitute the essence of
+appear to begin an activity
+proceed along a path
+reach in time
+gather and light the materials for
+induce to have sex
+assure the success of
+represent fictitiously, as in a play, or pretend to be or act like
+consider as being
+calculate as being
+cause to be enjoyable or pleasurable
+favor the development of
+develop into
+behave in a certain way
+eliminate urine