US: /ˈɡɹæsp/
UK: /ɡɹˈɑːsp/

English Vietnamese dictionary

grasp /grɑ:sp/
  • danh từ
    • sự túm lấy, sự níu lấy, sự ôm ghì
    • quyền lực
      • within one's grasp: có thể nắm lấy được; trong phạm vi quyền lực
    • sự nắm được, sự hiểu thấu
      • to have a through grasp of a problem: hiểu triệt để một vấn đề, nắm vững vấn đề
      • a problem within one's grasp: vấn đề có thể hiểu được
      • a problem beyond one's grasp: vấn đề ngoài sự hiểu biết của mình
    • cán, tay cầm
    • động từ
      • nắm, chắc, túm chặt, ôm chặt
        • to grasp somebody's hand: nắm lấy tay ai, bắt tay ai
      • nắm được, hiểu thấu (vấn đề...)
        • to grasp firmly: nắm vững
        • to grasp somebody's meaning: hiểu được ý ai
      • (+ at) chộp lấy, giật lấy, cố nắm lấy
        • to grasp at on opportunity: chộp lấy cơ hội
      • grap all, lose all
        • ôm đồm làm hỏng việc; tham thì thâm
      • to grasp the nettle
        • (xem) nettle

    Advanced English dictionary

    verb, noun
    + verb
    1 [VN] to take a firm hold of sb/sth: He grasped my hand and shook it warmly. + Kay grasped him by the wrist.
    2 to understand sth completely: [VN] They failed to grasp the importance of his words. + [V wh-] She was unable to grasp how to do it. + [V that] It took him some time to grasp that he was now a public figure.
    3 [VN] ~ a chance / an opportunity to take an opportunity without hesitating and use it: I grasped the opportunity to work abroad.
    Idioms: grasp the nettle (BrE) to deal with a difficult situation firmly and without hesitating: The government now has the opportunity to grasp the nettle of prison reform.
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    Phrasal Verbs: grasp at sth
    1 to try to take hold of sth in your hands: She grasped at his coat as he rushed past her.
    2 to try to take an opportunity
    + noun [usually sing.]
    1 a firm hold of sb/sth or control over sb/sth: I grabbed him, but he slipped from my grasp. + She felt a firm grasp on her arm. + Don't let the situation escape from your grasp. + As soon as he relaxed his grasp on the rope, it was pulled out of his hands. + As the drugs took hold, her grasp of reality began to slip slowly away.
    2 a person's understanding of a subject or of difficult facts: He has a good grasp of German grammar. + These complex formulae are beyond the grasp of the average pupil.
    3 the ability to get or achieve sth: Success was within her grasp.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 grip, grab, seize, clasp, clutch, snatch, hold, take or lay or catch hold of, Colloq nab:
    I grasped the rope and was pulled to safety.
    2 understand, comprehend, appreciate, catch (on), get, get the drift or point of, follow, see, realize, apprehend, learn, Colloq make head(s) or tail(s) of, Slang dig:
    I am trying to grasp the full import of what you are saying.
    3 hold, grip, clutches, clasp, embrace, lock:
    He loosened his grasp on my throat and I could breathe again.
    4 possession, control, power, mastery, sovereignty, suzerainty, hold:
    By then, even the outer islands had fallen within his grasp.
    5 understanding, comprehension, apprehension, awareness, perception, sense:
    He has a poor grasp of the basics of the subject.

    Collocation dictionary

    1 holding sth


    firm, strong
    She felt a firm grasp on her hand.


    slip from
    As she jumped forward, the ball slipped from her grasp.
    | prise sth from, rip sth from, snatch sth from, wrench sth from, wrest sth from
    She wrenched the bottle from his grasp.


    beyond your ~
    The key was on a high shelf, just beyond her grasp.
    | in your ~
    He kept the letter firmly in his grasp.
    | from sb's ~
    The robber tried to free the case from her grasp.
    | out of sb's ~
    She kicked the gun out of his grasp.
    | within (your) ~
    (often figurative) Just when victory seemed within grasp, the referee blew his whistle.

    2 understanding


    fine, firm, good, impressive, proper, sound | limited, poor | intellectual
    The task was beyond the intellectual grasp of some of the students.
    | intuitive
    We have no intuitive grasp of the immensity of time.


    have | get
    Working with native speakers helped me get a good grasp of the language.


    beyond your ~
    These ideas are all beyond his grasp.
    | within your ~ | ~ of
    a poor grasp of mathematics

    1 take hold of sb/sth suddenly and firmly


    firmly, tightly


    Her hands were grasping at his coat.
    | by
    She grasped him tightly by the wrist.


    grasp hold of sb/sth
    She grasped hold of the banister to support herself.

    2 understand sth


    He had not fully grasped the fact that he was the one who would pay for all this.
    | not really
    I hadn't really grasped what they were talking about.
    | quickly | easily, readily
    a means by which students can more easily grasp the basics of science


    try to | be unable to, fail to
    She failed to grasp the significance of these facts.
    | quick to
    He was quick to grasp the basic principles.
    | be difficult to, be hard to
    Some of these concepts are very difficult to grasp.

    Concise English dictionary

    grasps|grasped|graspinggræsp /grɑːsp
    +understanding of the nature or meaning or quality or magnitude of something
    +the limit of capability
    +a firm controlling influence
    +the act of grasping
    +hold firmly
    +get the meaning of something