US: /ˈfəzi/
UK: /fˈʌzi/

English Vietnamese dictionary

fuzzy /'fʌzi/
  • tính từ
    • sờn, xơ
    • xoắn, xù (tóc)
    • mờ, mờ nhạt

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
1 covered with short soft fine hair or fur
Synonym: DOWNY
2 (of hair) in a mass of tight curls
3 not clear in shape or sound
Synonym: BLURRED
a fuzzy image + The soundtrack is fuzzy in places. + These photographs have come out fuzzy.
4 confused and not expressed clearly: fuzzy ideas / thinking + a somewhat fuzzy definition of 'in the national interest'
fuzzily adverb
fuzziness noun [U]

Thesaurus dictionary

1 woolly, downy, linty, fleecy, furry, fluffy, frizzy, flossy, flocculent, floccose, floccus; feathery:
Tiny bits from her fuzzy pullover kept coming off on my suit.
2 dim, faint, hazy, foggy, misty, blurred, blurry, indistinct, unclear, vague, shadowy, indefinite, obscure, ill-defined, woolly, distorted:
The picture was too fuzzy to make out any details.

Collocation dictionary

1 unclear


be, feel, look, seem, sound | become, go
The screen suddenly went fuzzy.


all, extremely, very
The truck's headlights were all fuzzy and ghostlike.
| a bit, rather, slightly

2 sticking up


be | go


My hair's gone all fuzzy!
| a bit, rather

Concise English dictionary

+covering with fine light hairs
+indistinct or hazy in outline
+confused and not coherent; not clearly thought out