US: /ˈfʊɫ/
UK: /fˈʊl/

English Vietnamese dictionary

full /ful/
  • tính từ
    • đầy, đầy đủ, nhiều, tràn trề, tràn ngập, chan chứa
      • to be full to the brim (to overflowing): đầy tràn, đầy ắp
      • my heart is too full for words: lòng tôi tràn ngập xúc động không nói được nên lời
      • to be full of hopes: chứa chan hy vọng
      • to give full details: cho đầy đủ chi tiết
      • to be full on some point: trình bày đầy đủ chi tiết về một điểm nào
      • a full orchestra: dàn nhạc đầy đủ nhạc khí
      • to be full of years and honours: (kinh thánh) tuổi tác đã cao, danh vọng cũng nhiều
    • chật, đông, chật ních, hết chỗ ngồi (rạp hát, xe buýt...)
      • to be full up: chật rồi, hết chỗ ngồi
    • no, no nê
      • a full stomach: bụng no
    • hết sức, ở mức độ cao nhất
      • to drive a car at full speed: cho xe chạy hết tốc lực
    • tròn, đầy đặn, nở nang (đàn bà)
    • giữa, hoàn toàn, trọn vẹn, đầy đủ
      • in full summer: giữa mùa hạ
      • in full daylight: giữa ban ngày, lúc thanh thiên bạch nhật
      • a full dozen: một tá tròn đủ một tá
      • to give full liberty to act: cho hoàn toàn tự do hành động
      • to wait for two full hours: đợi trọn hai giờ, đợi suốt hai giờ
    • lùng nhùng, phồng, xếp nhiều nếp (quần áo...)
    • thịnh soạn
      • a full meal: bữa cơm thịnh soạn
    • chính thức; thuần (giống...); ruột (anh em...)
      • full membership: tư cách hội viên chính thức
      • a full brother: anh (em) ruột
      • a full sister: chị (em) ruột
      • of the full blood: thuần giống
    • đậm, thẫm (màu sắc); chói (ánh sáng); sang sảng (tiếng)
    • to be full of oneself
      • tự phụ, tự mãn
    • to fall at full length
      • ngã sóng soài
    • in full swing
      • in full blast
        • lúc sôi nổi nhất, lúc hăng say nhất; lúc náo nhiệt nhất
    • phó từ
      • (thơ ca) rất
        • full many a time: rất nhiều lần
        • to know something full well: biết rất rõ điều gì
      • hoàn toàn
      • đúng, trúng
        • the ball hit him full on the nose: quả bóng trúng ngay vào mũi nó
      • quá
        • this chair is full high: cái ghế này cao quá
    • danh từ
      • toàn bộ
        • in full: đầy đủ, toàn bộ, không cắt bớt
        • to write one's name in full: viết đầy đủ họ tên của mình
        • to the full: đến mức cao nhất
        • to enjoy oneself to the full: vui chơi thoả thích
      • điểm cao nhất
      • ngoại động từ
        • chuội và hồ (vải)

    Advanced English dictionary

    adjective, adverb
    + adjective (fuller, fullest)
    with no empty space
    1 ~ (of sth) containing or holding as much or as many as possible; having no empty space: a full bottle of wine + She could only nod, because her mouth was full. + My suitcase was full of books. + There were cardboard boxes stuffed full of clothes. + (BrE) Sorry, the hotel is full up tonight.
    having a lot
    2 ~ of sth having or containing a large number or amount of sth: The sky was full of brightly coloured fireworks. + Life is full of coincidences. + Our new brochure is crammed full of inspirational ideas. + animals pumped full of antibiotics + She was full of admiration for the care she had received. + He smiled, his eyes full of laughter.
    talking a lot
    3 (of a person) ~ of sth thinking or talking a lot about a particular thing: He was full of his new job and everything he'd been doing.
    with food
    4 (BrE also full up) having had enough to eat: No more for me, thanks-I'm full up. + The kids still weren't full, so I gave them an ice cream each. + You can't run on a full stomach.
    5 [usually before noun] complete; with nothing missing: Full details are available on request. + I still don't think we've heard the full story. + a full English breakfast + A full refund will be given if the item is faulty. + Fill in your full name and address. + The address must be printed in full. + The country applied for full membership of the European Union. + It is too early to assess the full extent of the damage. + They sell a full range of hair and beauty products.
    as much as possible
    6 [usually before noun] to the highest level or greatest amount possible: Many people don't use their computers to their full potential. + measures to achieve full employment + Students should take full advantage of the university's facilities. + I've always believed in living life to the full. + She came round the corner at full speed.
    for emphasis
    7 [only before noun] used to emphasize an amount or a quantity: She is a full four inches shorter than her sister.
    8 busy; involving a lot of activities: He'd had a very full life. + Her life was too full to find time for hobbies.
    9 appearing as a complete circle: The moon was full, the sky clear.
    See also - FULL MOON
    10 (of a person or part of the body) large and round. 'Full' is sometimes used to avoid saying 'fat': He kissed her full sensual lips. + They specialize in clothes for women with a fuller figure.
    11 made with plenty of fabric; fitting loosely: a full skirt
    tone / voice / flavour
    12 deep, strong and rich: He draws a unique full sound from the instrument. + the full fruity flavour of the wine
    Idioms: Most idioms containing full are at the entries for the nouns and verbs in the idioms, for example full of the joys of spring is at joy.
    full of yourself (disapproving) very proud; thinking only of yourself
    + adverb
    ~ in / on sth directly: She looked him full in the face.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 filled, replete, brimming, brim-full, packed, jam-packed, congested, loaded, bursting, chock-à-block, chock-full or choke-full or chuck-full, jammed, crammed, solid, well supplied, crowded, stuffed; gorged, saturated, sated, satiated:
    The tank is full of petrol. Her Christmas stocking was full of toys. I'm full; I couldn't manage another bite.
    2 complete, thorough, detailed, comprehensive, total, all-inclusive, broad, extensive, all-encompassing, exhaustive, plenary:
    The police are demanding a full investigation.
    3 complete, entire, whole:
    The recipe calls for a full dozen egg yolks.
    4 utmost, greatest, maximum, highest, top; extreme:
    Full speed ahead.
    5 wide, ample, generous, broad, copious, loose(-fitting):
    The tight bolero jacket is offset by a full skirt.
    6 occupied, engrossed, absorbed, immersed, preoccupied, obsessed, consumed, engaged, concerned:
    She's entirely too full of herself to pay any attention to us.
    7 filled or rounded out, round(ish), well-rounded, plump; robust, shapely, well-shaped, curvaceous, buxom, busty, voluptuous, full-bodied, well-proportioned, well-built, Slang stacked, Brit well-stacked, US zaftig, built:
    His face is rather full, so wrinkles don't show. Her figure is what I'd call full.
    8 unrestricted, non-restricted, unconditional, unqualified:
    Payment of dues entitles you to full membership privileges.
    9 sentimental, emotional, overflowing:
    His heart was so full he could say no more.
    10 unobscured, unshaded, undimmed, open, broad, bright, shining, brilliant, dazzling, glaring, intense, blazing, blinding; harsh, vivid, revealing:
    We emerged into full daylight. In the full light of day, the plan seems unworkable.
    11 powerful, resonant, rich, deep, loud:
    His full bass voice was unmistakable.
    12 complete, whole, entire; comprehensive, uncut, unabridged, intact, unshortened, unbowdlerized, uncensored:
    We were to receive full pay for a half day's work. Is this a full deck of cards? I have a full set of the original engravings.
    13 fully, completely, entirely, wholly, thoroughly, altogether:
    That is not a full-grown horse.
    14 squarely, directly, right, precisely, exactly, bang, Colloq slap, smack:
    The ball hit him full in the eye.
    15 very, perfectly, exceedingly, quite, Slang damned:
    You know full well why I am here.
    16 maximum, greatest degree, fullest:
    The moon is at its full tonight.
    17 in full. completely, fully, entirely, wholly, thoroughly, in its entirety, totally, in toto:
    Copy this report in full.
    18 to the full or fullest. completely, fully, quite, thoroughly, to the utmost, to the greatest or fullest extent; a great deal, greatly, hugely, enormously:
    We enjoyed our visit to the full.

    Collocation dictionary

    1 holding/containing as much as it will hold


    be, look, seem | become, get
    The garage has got full of junk again.
    | leave sth
    He left the bath full of water.


    absolutely, completely
    The kitchen was absolutely full of flies!
    | almost, nearly, virtually
    The reservoirs are all virtually full.
    | half


    The bottle was half full of mineral water.

    2 containing a lot of sth


    be, look, seem


    extremely, very | fairly, pretty, quite
    Her wine glass was still quite full.

    3 having had enough to eat or drink


    be, feel


    absolutely | rather


    full up
    I'm full up. I can't eat another thing.

    Concise English dictionary

    +the time when the moon is fully illuminated
    +beat for the purpose of cleaning and thickening
    +make (a garment) fuller by pleating or gathering
    +increase in phase
    +containing as much or as many as is possible or normal
    +constituting the full quantity or extent; complete
    +complete in extent or degree and in every particular
    +filled to satisfaction with food or drink
    +(of sound) having marked depth and body
    +having the normally expected amount
    +being at a peak or culminating point
    +having ample fabric
    +to the greatest degree or extent; completely or entirely; (`full' in this sense is used as a combining form)