US: /fɝˈɡɛt/, /fɔɹˈɡɛt/
UK: /fəɡˈɛt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

forget /fə'get/
  • ngoại động từ forgot, forgotten
    • quên, không nhớ đến
    • coi thường, coi nhẹ
    • nội động từ
      • quên
        • to forget about something: quên cái gì
      • eaten bread is soon forgotten
        • ăn cháo đái bát
      • to forget oneself
        • quên mình
      • bất tỉnh
      • không đứng đắn (hành động), không nghiêm chỉnh (ăn nói); thiếu tự trọng
      • to forgive and forget
        • tha thứ và bỏ qua

    Advanced English dictionary

    events / facts
    1 ~ (about) sth (not usually used in the progressive tenses) to be unable to remember sth that has happened in the past or information that you knew in the past: [V] I'd completely forgotten about the money he owed me. + Before I forget, there was a call from Italy for you. + [VN] I never forget a face. + Who could forget his speech at last year's party? + [V (that)] She keeps forgetting (that) I'm not a child any more. + I was forgetting (= I had forgotten) (that) you've been here before. + [V wh-] I've forgotten where they live exactly. + I forget how much they paid for it. + [V -ing] I'll never forget hearing this piece of music for the first time. + [VN that] It should not be forgotten that people used to get much more exercise. [also VN -ing]
    to do sth
    2 ~ (about) sth to not remember to do sth that you ought to do, or to bring or buy sth that you ought to bring or buy: [V] 'Why weren't you at the meeting?' 'Sorry-I forgot.' + [V to inf] Take care, and don't forget to write. + I forgot to ask him for his address. + [VN] I forgot my purse (= I did not remember to bring it). + 'Hey, don't forget me (= don't leave without me)!' + Aren't you forgetting something? (= I think you have forgotten to do sth)
    Help Note: You cannot use forget if you want to mention the place where you have left something: I've left my book at home. + I've forgotten my book at home.
    stop thinking about sth
    3 ~ (about) sb/sth to deliberately stop thinking about sb/sth: [V] Try to forget about what happened. + Could you possibly forget about work for five minutes? + [VN] Forget him! + Let's forget our differences and be friends. + [V (that)] Forget (that) I said anything!
    4 ~ (about) sth to stop thinking that sth is a possibility: [V] If I lose this job, we can forget about buying a new car. + [VN] 'I was hoping you might be able to lend me the money.' 'You can forget that!'
    5 [VN] ~ yourself to behave in a way that is not socially acceptable: I'm forgetting myself. I haven't offered you a drink yet!
    Idioms: forget it (spoken)
    1 used to tell sb that sth is not important and that they should not worry about it: 'I still owe you for lunch yesterday.' 'Forget it.'
    2 used to tell sb that you are not going to repeat what you said: 'Now, what were you saying about John?' 'Forget it, it doesn't matter.'
    3 used to emphasize that you are saying 'no' to sth: 'Any chance of you helping out here?' 'Forget it, I've got too much to do.'
    4 used to tell sb to stop talking about sth because they are annoying you: Just forget it, will you!
    not forgetting ... (BrE) used to include sth in the list of things that you have just mentioned: I share the house with Jim, Ian and Sam, not forgetting Spike, the dog.
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    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 fail or cease to remember or recall or think of, lose, draw a blank:
    I forgot what I was supposed to buy at the market.
    2 leave (behind), omit or neglect (doing or taking):
    I forgot my umbrella this morning.
    3 ignore, dismiss from (one's) mind or thoughts, disregard, overlook, consign to oblivion:
    Forget the fact that you ever met me.

    Collocation dictionary


    clean, completely, entirely, quite, totally
    I'm terribly sorry?I clean forgot to give your brother the message.
    | almost, nearly | never
    I'll never forget the expression on his face.
    | quickly, soon | instantly, promptly
    ‘I will, ’ she promised, and promptly forgot about it.
    | momentarily, temporarily
    Her joy was so infectious that he momentarily forgot his own fears for the future.
    | easily
    The experience of nearly getting killed is not easily forgotten.
    | conveniently
    (ironic) He conveniently forgot to tell me he was married.


    seem to
    You seem to forget that it was your idea in the first place.
    | tend to | want to | try to | be easy to
    It is easy to forget that not all countries have these advantages.
    | let sb
    Let's forget last night, shall we?
    | make sb


    Oh yes! I almost forgot about the party.


    forget all about sth
    In the excitement I forgot all about my little brother.
    | forgive and forget
    It was all a long time ago and now Ellen found she could forgive and forget.
    | keep forgetting
    She keeps forgetting where she's put her glasses.
    | largely forgotten
    His pioneering work in the field was largely forgotten until the late 1940s.

    Concise English dictionary

    +dismiss from the mind; stop remembering
    +be unable to remember
    +forget to do something
    +leave behind unintentionally