US: /ˈfɔɹ/, /fɝ/, /fɹɝ/
UK: /fˈɔː/

English Vietnamese dictionary

for /fɔ:,fə/
  • giới từ
    • thay cho, thế cho, đại diện cho
      • to sit for Hanoi: đại diện cho Hà nội (ở quốc hội...)
      • to stand for a noun: (ngôn ngữ học) thay cho một danh từ (đại từ)
      • he signed it for me: anh ta ký cái đó thay tôi
    • ủng hộ, về phe, về phía
      • to be for peace: ủng hộ hoà bình
      • hurrah for Vietnam: hoan hô Việt nam, ủng hộ Việt nam
    • để, với mục đích là
      • for sale: để bán
      • for example; for instance: ví dụ, chẳng hạn
    • để lấy, để được
      • to go for a car: đi (để) gọi xe, đi (để) lấy xe
      • to send for a doctor: cho đi mời bác sĩ
      • to fight for independence: đấu tranh để giành độc lập
      • to hunger for knowledge: khao khát sự hiểu biết
    • đến, đi đến
      • to leave for Haiphong: đi đến Hải Phòng
      • to make for shelter: chạy ra chỗ trú ẩn
      • it's getting on for two o'clock: sắp đến hai giờ
    • cho
      • to buy something for somebody: mua cái gì cho ai
      • I can shift for myself: tôi có thể tự xoay sở lấy
    • vì, bởi vì
      • for want of money: vì thiếu tiền
      • to live for each other: sống vì nhau
      • please do it for my sake: vì tôi mong anh làm cho điều đó
      • to avoid something for fear of accidents: tránh cái gì vì sợ tai nạn
      • for many reasons: vì nhiều lẽ
      • fomous for something: nổi tiếng vì cái gì
    • mặc dù
      • for all that: mặc dù tất cả những cái đó
      • for all you say: mặc dù những điều anh nói
      • for all their mordern weapons, the imperialism will be defeated: mặc dù có vũ khí tối tân, bọn đế quốc sẽ bị đánh bại
    • đối với, về phần
      • respect one's teachers: lòng kính trọng đối với các bậc thầy giáo
      • it's too easy for him: đối với hắn cái đó dễ quá
      • for my part; as for me: về phần tôi
    • so với, đối với, theo tỷ lệ
      • very tall for one's age: rất cao lớn so với tuổi
    • trong (thời gian), được (mức là...)
      • to last for an hour: kéo dài trong một tiếng đồng hồ
      • to walk for three kilometers: đi bộ được ba kilômét
    • alas for him!
      • thương thay cho nó!
    • to be for it
      • (từ lóng) phải bị trừng phạt
    • to be not long for this world
      • gần đất xa trời
    • fie for shame!
      • thẹn quá! nhục quá!
    • for all (aught) I know
      • trong chừng mực mà tôi biết
    • for all the world
      • đúng như, hệt như
    • to look for all the world like a monkey: trông hệt như một con khỉ
    • for good: mãi mãi, vĩnh viễn
    • for certain
      • (xem) certain
    • for the life of one
      • (xem) life
    • not for the world!
      • không đời nào! không khi nào!
    • once for all
      • (xem) once
    • there as nothing for it but
      • (xem) nothing
    • too beautiful for words
      • đẹp không tả được
    • were it not (but, except) for your help, I could not finish it
      • nếu không có sự giúp đỡ của anh tôi không thể làm xong việc đó được
    • what... for?
      • để làm gì?
    • what do you want it for?: anh cần cái đó để làm gì?
  • liên từ
    • vì, bởi vì, tại vì

Advanced English dictionary

preposition, conjunction
+ preposition
Help Note: For the special uses of for in phrasal verbs, look at the entries for the verbs. For example fall for sb is in the phrasal verb section at fall.
1 used to show who is intended to have or use sth or where sth is intended to be put: There's a letter for you. + It's a book for children. + We got a new table for the dining room. + This is the place for me (= I like it very much).
2 in order to help sb/sth: What can I do for you (= how can I help you)? + Can you translate this letter for me? + I took her classes for her while she was sick. + soldiers fighting for their country
3 concerning sb/sth: They are anxious for her safety. + Fortunately for us, the weather changed.
4 as a representative of: I am speaking for everyone in this department.
5 employed by: She's working for IBM.
6 meaning: Shaking your head for 'No' is not universal.
7 in support of sb/sth: Are you for or against the proposal? + They voted for independence in a referendum. + There's a strong case for postponing the exam. + I'm all for people having fun. + 'What does Naomi think about the move?' 'She's all for it.'
Compare: AGAINST (2)
8 used to show purpose or function: a machine for slicing bread + Let's go for a walk. + Are you learning English for pleasure or for your work? + What did you do that for (= Why did you do that)?
9 used to show a reason or cause: The town is famous for its cathedral. + She gave me a watch for my birthday. + He got an award for bravery. + I couldn't speak for laughing. + He didn't answer for fear of hurting her.
10 in order to obtain sth: He came to me for advice. + For more information, call this number. + There were over fifty applicants for the job.
11 in exchange for sth: Copies are available for two dollars each. + I'll swap these two bottles for that one.
12 considering what can be expected from sb/sth: The weather was warm for the time of year. + She's tall for her age. + He's not bad for a beginner. + That's too much responsibility for a child.
13 better, happier, etc. ~ sth better, happier, etc. following sth: You'll feel better for a good night's sleep. + This room would look more cheerful for a spot of paint.
14 used to show where sb/sth is going: Is this the bus for Chicago? + She knew she was destined for a great future.
15 used to show a length of time: I'm going away for a few days. + That's all the news there is for now.
16 used to show that sth is arranged or intended to happen at a particular time: an appointment for May 12 + We're invited for 7.30.
17 used to show the occasion when sth happens: I'm warning you for the last time-stop talking!
18 used to show a distance: The road went on for miles and miles.
19 used to say how difficult, necessary, pleasant, etc. sth is that sb might do or has done: It's useless for us to continue. + There's no need for you to go. + For her to have survived such an ordeal was remarkable. + The box is too heavy for me to lift. + Is it clear enough for you to read?
20 used to show who can or should do sth: It's not for me to say why he left. + How to spend the money is for you to decide.
Idioms: be in for it (BrE also be for it) (informal) to be going to get into trouble or be punished: We'd better hurry or we'll be in for it.
for all
1 in spite of: For all its clarity of style, the book is not easy reading.
2 used to say that sth is not important or of no interest or value to you/sb: For all I know she's still living in Boston. + You can do what you like, for all I care. + For all the good it's done we might as well not have bothered.
there's / that's ...for you (often ironic) used to say that sth is a typical example of its kind: She might at least have called to explain. There's gratitude for you.
+ conjunction
(old-fashioned or literary) used to introduce the reason for sth mentioned in the previous statement: We listened eagerly, for he brought news of our families. + I believed her-for surely she would not lie to me.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 representing, championing; in favour of, Brit on or US and Canadian also in behalf of, on the side of, in support of, in the service of, as a service to, for the benefit of, pro:
Are you for or against the candidate? She did it for herself.
2 in search or quest of, seeking, looking for or after, after, with a view or an eye to:
We're just here for the beer.
3 instead of, in place of, representing, as a replacement for, Brit on or US and Canadian in behalf of; in return or exchange for, in compensation or recompense or payment or repayment for, in requital for:
I am acting for my father. This cheque is for the toaster. Will you accept nothing for your pains?
4 for the treatment of, as a remedy for, against; for the purpose or object of:
This medication is for skin infections only. It's for your own good.
5 for the sake of, Brit on or US and Canadian also in behalf of, in the interest of:
Would you really do that for me?
6 in the direction of, to, towards, into:
Head for the hills!
7 to save, in the interest or benefit of, for the sake or benefit of, conducive to; because of, on account of, by reason of:
Every summer, they went to Carlsbad for their health. She hated him for what he represented.
8 to go to, destined for:
I am leaving for Tierra del Fuego tomorrow.
9 suitable or suited for, fit or fitted or fitting for, appropriate for, proper for:
I am not sure that this colour is for you. Is it right for me to speak out now?
10 for the duration of; over (the extent of), during, in the course of, throughout, through:
She stayed for a week.
11 despite, in spite of, notwithstanding, allowing for:
For all his complaining, he seemed satisfied.
12 as for. regarding, in regard to, as regards, respecting, concerning, as far as (something or someone) is concerned:
As for Betty, let her do as she likes.
13 because, since, as, inasmuch as, seeing that, owing or due to the fact that:
I was unable to see him, for he was out of the office.

Concise English dictionary

FOR (Field of Regard)fɔr /fɔː
maximum ability to turn and "look" of a camera or identification device of a missile