US: /ˈfɝtəɫ/, /fɝˈtaɪɫ/
UK: /fˈɜːta‍ɪl/

English Vietnamese dictionary

fertile /'fə:tail/
  • tính từ
    • tốt, màu mỡ (đất)
    • có khả năng sinh sản

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
1 (of land or soil) that plants grow well in: a fertile valley / region
2 (of people, animals or plants) that can produce babies, young animals, fruit or new plants: The treatment has been tested on healthy fertile women under the age of 35.
3 [usually before noun] that produces good results; that encourages activity: a fertile partnership + The region at the time was fertile ground for revolutionary movements (= there were the necessary conditions for them to develop easily).
4 [usually before noun] (of a person's mind or imagination) that produces a lot of new ideas: the product of a fertile imagination
Compare: STERILE

Thesaurus dictionary

fruitful, prolific, fecund, productive, bounteous, profuse, abundant, copious, fructuous, plenteous, generative, teeming, rich, luxuriant:
The land was fertile enough to grow anything. This book is a fertile source of ideas.

Collocation dictionary


be, look | become | remain, stay


extremely, highly, very
a highly fertile soil

Concise English dictionary

'fɜrtl /'fɜːtaɪl
+capable of reproducing
+intellectually productive
+bearing in abundance especially offspring
+marked by great fruitfulness