US: /ˈfænəsi/, /ˈfæntəsi/
UK: /fˈɑːntəsi/

English Vietnamese dictionary

fantasy /'fæntəsi/ (phantasy) /'fæntəsi/
  • danh từ
    • khả năng tưởng tượng; hình ảnh tưởng tượng
    • sự trang trí quái dị; hình trang trí kỳ lạ
    • ý nghĩ kỳ quặc
    • (âm nhạc) (như) fantasia

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun (plural fantasies)
1 [C] a pleasant situation that you imagine but that is unlikely to happen: his childhood fantasies about becoming a famous football player
2 [C] a product of your imagination: Her books are usually escapist fantasies.
3 [U] the act of imagining things; a person's imagination: a work of fantasy + Stop living in a fantasy world.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 imagination, fancy, creativity, inventiveness, creativity, originality:
We encourage the children to give free rein to their fantasy.
2 vision, hallucination, illusion, mirage, delusion, chimera, dream, day-dream, (flight of) fancy, pipedream:
Her fantasy is to become prime minister.
3 make-believe, invention, cabrication, fiction, masquerade, fable, concoction, pretence:
His story about being an orphan is pure fantasy.

Collocation dictionary


pure, sheer
Most of what they told us was pure fantasy.
| wild
She dismissed the idea as a wild fantasy.
| personal, private | childhood, childish | erotic, romantic, sexual | male


enjoy, have, indulge in | build, weave
She had woven a whole fantasy about living in a cottage by the sea.
| cherish, nourish
I cherished the fantasy that I might one day have a son who would fulfil the dream.
| act out
Children can act out their fantasies in a secure environment.
| fulfil, live (out), play out, satisfy
My childhood fantasies were finally fulfilled. He was able to play out his fantasy of pop stardom.


life, world
living in a fantasy world


~ about
She had a fantasy about going to live on a South Pacific island.


the realms of fantasy
The idea belonged in the realms of fantasy.
| a world of fantasy
She felt she had entered a world of fantasy.

Concise English dictionary

+imagination unrestricted by reality
+fiction with a large amount of imagination in it
+something many people believe that is false
+indulge in fantasies