US: /ˈfɔɫs/
UK: /fˈɒls/

English Vietnamese dictionary

false /fɔ:ls/
  • tính từ
    • sai, nhầm
      • a false idea: ý kiến sai
      • a false note: (âm nhạc) nốt sai
      • false imprisonment: sự bắt tù trái luật
    • không thật, giả
      • a false mirror: gương không thật
      • a false coin: tiền giả
      • false hair: tóc giả
    • dối trá, lừa dối, phản trắc; giả dối
    • false alarm
      • báo động giả; báo động lừa
    • false card
      • quân bài đánh lừa (đánh khác lệ thường nhằm đánh lừa đối phương)
    • false position
      • thế trái cựa
    • on (under) false pretences
      • pretence
  • phó từ
    • dối, lừa
      • to play someone false: lừa ai, phản ai

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
not true
1 wrong; not correct or true: A whale is a fish. True or false? + Predictions of an early improvement in the housing market proved false. + She gave false information to the insurance company. + He used a false name to get the job.
not natural
2 not natural; artificial: false teeth / eyelashes + a false beard
not genuine
3 not genuine, but made to look real to deceive people: a false passport + a suitcase with a false bottom
not sincere
4 (of people's behaviour) not real or sincere: false modesty + She flashed him a false smile of congratulation.
wrong / mistaken
5 [usually before noun] wrong or MISTAKEN, because it is based on sth that is not true or correct: a false argument / assumption / belief + to give a false impression of wealth + to lull sb into a false sense of security (= make sb feel safe when they are really in danger) + They didn't want to raise any false hopes, but they believed her husband had escaped capture. + Buying a cheap computer is a false economy (= will not actually save you money).
not faithful
6 (literary) (of people) not faithful: a false lover
falsely adverb: to be falsely accused of sth + She smiled falsely at his joke.
Idioms: by / under / on false pretences by pretending to be sth that you are not, in order to gain some advantage for yourself: She was accused of obtaining money under false pretences.
more at RING v.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 untrue, unfactual, untruthful, wrong, amiss, mistaken, erroneous, incorrect, inaccurate, inexact, imprecise, faulty, flawed, invalid, unsound, unreal, imaginary, fictitious, spurious:
The explorers gave a completely false picture of the local inhabitants.
2 untrue, untruthful, lying, misleading, fallacious, fabricated, made-up, concocted, mendacious, untrustworthy, fraudulent, meretricious, deceptive, deceitful, treacherous, Colloq phoney or US also phony:
The testimony of this witness is completely false.
3 counterfeit, imitation, simulated, sham, forged, fraudulent, fake, artificial, synthetic, manufactured, unnatural, spurious, bogus, ersatz, factitious, mock, pseudo, Colloq phoney or US also phony:
Your false teeth look almost real.
4 sham, feigned, affected, insincere, faked, manufactured, counterfeit(ed):
Don't shed any false tears over me when I'm gone.
5 illogical, fallacious, unsound, invalid, flawed, faulty:
That conclusion could come only from false reasoning.

Collocation dictionary

1 not true, genuine or real


be, look, prove, sound


absolutely, completely, entirely, quite, totally, utterly
The gossip about her later proved to be entirely false.
| partly | certainly, definitely | blatantly, clearly, obviously, patently, undoubtedly
Their claim was patently false.


true or false
Lagos is the capital of Nigeria. True or false?

2 not showing your true feelings


be, ring, sound
Ella's enthusiasm rang false.


horribly, very
She managed a horribly false smile.
| slightly
Helen's voice sounded slightly false.

Concise English dictionary

+not in accordance with the fact or reality or actuality
+arising from error
+erroneous and usually accidental
+deliberately deceptive
+inappropriate to reality or facts
+not genuine or real; being an imitation of the genuine article
+designed to deceive
+inaccurate in pitch
+adopted in order to deceive
+(used especially of persons) not dependable in devotion or affection; unfaithful
+in a disloyal and faithless manner