US: /ɛmˈpɫɔɪmənt/, /ɪmˈpɫɔɪmənt/
UK: /ɛmplˈɔ‍ɪmənt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

employment /im'plɔimənt/
  • danh từ
    • sự dùng, sự thuê làm (công...)
    • sự làm công, việc làm
      • out of employment: không có việc làm, thất nghiệp

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 [U, C] work, especially when it is done to earn money; the state of being employed: to be in paid employment + full-time / part-time employment + conditions / terms of employment + Graduates are finding it more and more difficult to find employment. + pensions from previous employments
2 [U] the situation in which people have work: The government is aiming at full employment. + Changes in farming methods have badly affected employment in the area.
3 [U] the act of employing sb: The law prevented the employment of children under ten in the cotton mills. + The expansion of the factory will mean the employment of sixty extra workers.
4 [U] ~ (of sth) (formal) the use of sth: the employment of artillery in the capture of the town

Thesaurus dictionary

1 occupation, job, trade, work, business, profession, vocation, calling, livelihood, pursuit, métier, skill, craft, Colloq line, Slang racket:
My employment for many years has been restoring antique furniture.
2 hire, hiring, engagement, engaging, employing, taking on, retaining, enlistment, enlisting:
The employment of 50 people by the new firm will help the town.
3 use, utilization, application, operation, implementation:
The job involves the employment of specialized techniques.

Collocation dictionary


paid, salaried | full-time, part-time | lifelong, lifetime,
long-term, permanent, stable | short-term, temporary | regular
| casual | seasonal | gainful, meaningful
The company was one of the first to offer meaningful employment to the blind.
| full, total
The government aims to achieve full employment within three years.
| high, low
an area of very low employment
| large-scale
Steel making is the only local industry offering large-scale employment.
| manual | skilled, unskilled | blue-collar, white-collar | factory, office


policies aimed at maintaining a high level of employment


look for, seek
recent graduates seeking employment
| find, gain, get, obtain, secure
He finally secured employment in a local factory.
| take up
(formal) He took up employment with the company in May 2002.
| give up, lose
She lost her employment when the firm closed.
| give sb, offer sb | create, generate, provide
This investment will certainly create employment in the area. The steelworks provided employment for thousands of people.
| boost, increase, raise, stimulate
policies designed to stimulate employment


increase, rise | fall


opportunities, possibilities, prospects
There are few employment prospects in the town for unqualified young people.
| rights | training | status
The survey studied the employment status and lifestyle of people within the community.
| agency | contract | conditions, terms | figures, records, statistics | levels | patterns, trends | market
school-leavers entering the employment market
| policy
the government's full-employment policy
| practices
The firm's employment practices have been widely criticized.


in ~
Most of last year's graduates are now in employment.
| out of ~
She had been out of employment for three years.


conditions of employment
trade union concerns such as conditions of employment and health and safety
| a contract of employment, patterns/trends of employment
significant changes in patterns of employment > Special page at BUSINESS

Concise English dictionary

+the state of being employed or having a job
+the occupation for which you are paid
+the act of giving someone a job
+the act of using