US: /ˈiziɝ/
UK: /ˈiːzɪɐ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

Easy / tight monetary or fiscal policy
  • (Econ) Chính sách tiền tệ và tài khoá lỏng/chặt; Chính sách nới lỏng / thắt chặt tiền tệ hay thu chi ngân sách.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 simple, effortless, plain, clear, straightforward, hands down, uncomplicated, elementary, foolproof; easy as pie, easy as can be:
Feeding goldfish is an easy job that children can undertake for themselves.
2 carefree, easygoing, casual, lenient, undemanding, relaxed, quiet, serene, restful, tranquil, peaceful, untroubled, undisturbed, unoppressive, gentle, mild, calm, comfortable, cosy, unhurried, leisurely:
He has a pretty easy life now that he's retired.
3 light, lenient, undemanding, mild, flexible, indulgent, tolerant:
You really should be easy on him after what he's been through.
4 tractable, pliant, docile, compliant, submissive, acquiescent, amenable, accommodating, soft, suggestible, credulous, trusting, weak, easygoing:
He was an easy victim for confidence tricksters. She has the reputation of being a woman of easy virtue.
5 unstrained, gentle, moderate, unhurried, leisurely, even, steady, undemanding, comfortable, unexacting:
They kept up an easy pace of about five miles a hour.
6 affable, friendly, amiable, amicable, agreeable, outgoing, informal, unceremonious, down-to-earth, unreserved, relaxing, natural, relaxed, easygoing:
We found them easy to be with.
7 effortlessly; calmly, unexcitedly, temperately, peacefully, tranquilly, serenely, nonchalantly, casually:
Take it easy and don't get so worked up about things.

Concise English dictionary

+Comparative form of easy
+posing no difficulty; requiring little effort
+not hurried or forced
+free from worry or anxiety
+affording pleasure
+having little impact
+readily exploited or tricked
+in fortunate circumstances financially; moderately rich
+marked by moderate steepness
+not strict
+affording comfort
+casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior
+less in demand and therefore readily obtainable
+obtained with little effort or sacrifice, often obtained illegally
+with ease (`easy' is sometimes used informally for `easily')
+without speed (`slow' is sometimes used informally for `slowly')
+in a relaxed manner; or without hardship