US: /ˈɝn/
UK: /ˈɜːn/

English Vietnamese dictionary

earn /ə:n/
  • ngoại động từ
    • kiếm được (tiền...); giành được (phần thưởng, sự khen ngợi...)
      • to earn one's living: kiếm sống

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb
1 to get money for work that you do: [VN] He earns about £20 000 a year. + She earned a living as a part-time secretary. + She must earn a fortune (= earn a lot of money). + [VNN] His victory in the tournament earned him $50 000. + [V] All the children are earning now.
2 [VN] to get money as profit or interest on money you lend, have in a bank, etc: Your money would earn more in a high-interest account.
3 to get sth that you deserve, usually because of sth good you have done or because of the good qualities you have: [VN] He earned a reputation as an expert on tax law. + As a teacher, she had earned the respect and admiration of her students. + I need a rest. Think I've earned it, don't you? + She's having a well-earned rest this week. + [VNN] His outstanding ability earned him a place on the team.
Idioms: earn a / your crust (BrE, informal) to earn enough money to live on: I've been an actor for 20 years, earning a crust wherever I can.
earn your keep
1 to do useful or helpful things in return for being allowed to live or stay somewhere
2 to be worth the amount of time or money that is being spent: He felt he no longer deserved such a high salary. He just wasn't earning his keep.
more at SPUR n.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 merit, deserve, be worthy of, be entitled to, win, warrant, rate, qualify for, have a claim or right to:
Peter has earned everyone's respect.
2 make, pocket, gross, net, clear, realize, receive, get, procure, collect, reap, bring in, take home; draw, Colloq US pull down:
It is still the case that most men earn more than their wives.

Collocation dictionary


‘I feel I've really earned this, ’ she said, taking up her mug of tea.
| deservedly, richly, rightly
He deservedly earned the admiration of his colleagues.


have to, need to
First you have to earn their respect.
| seek to, try to

Concise English dictionary

+earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages
+acquire or deserve by one's efforts or actions