US: /ˈdɪzməɫ/
UK: /dˈɪzməl/

English Vietnamese dictionary

dismal /'dizməl/
  • tính từ
    • buồn thảm, tối tăm, ảm đạm
      • dismal weather: thời tiết ảm đạm
      • dismal prospects: tiền đồ tối tăm, tương lai mù mịt
    • buồn nản, u sầu, phiền muộn
      • a dismal mood: tâm trạng u sầu buồn nản
    • the dismal science
      • (xem) science

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
1 causing or showing sadness
dismal conditions / surroundings / weather + Christmas will be dismal without the children.
2 (informal) not skilful or successful; of very low quality: The singer gave a dismal performance of some old songs. + Their recent attempt to increase sales has been a dismal failure.
dismally adverb: I tried not to laugh but failed dismally (= was completely unsuccessful).

Thesaurus dictionary

depressing, gloomy, cheerless, melancholy, sombre, dreary, sad, bleak, funereal, lugubrious, forlorn, morose, solemn, dark, grim, wretched, woebegone, woeful, black, blue, joyless, doleful, dolorous, unhappy, miserable, lowering; pessimistic:
She was alone, alone on the dismal moor. The prospects for the company looked very dismal.

Collocation dictionary


be, look | become


It was a really dismal day.
| a bit, fairly, pretty, rather
Last year's results were fairly dismal.

Concise English dictionary

+causing dejection